Editorial: Supporting Lori Nickerson

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I am pleased to endorse Lori Nickerson for the Hopkinton School Committee.

I have spent time with Lori over the course of her campaign and have come to believe that she has a powerful combination of skills and personal traits that will be a great benefit to our community in this role. She is well educated, highly accomplished professionally and thoughtful. She will also bring common sense and an open personality, which are equally critical for success.

Lori is deeply committed to Hopkinton. She chose to come here for the same reasons as so many of us, including our top tier schools. With three young children just beginning to enter the school system, she represents the future of our town in many ways. She is already engaged in our community through several volunteer roles, and understands the key issues our schools face. For Lori, joining the School Committee is a natural next step in expanding her involvement in town and helping to shape the school system for the next generation.

Lori’s background demonstrates prior success. She attended Boston College and earned a law degree with honors. Early on she worked as an attorney representing juveniles and indigents. As an experienced corporate lawyer, she understands that complicated issues need to consider the business side, legal questions, and also pragmatic elements. She knows how to ask questions and listen to the answers. In our conversations as well as the materials on her web site, it is clear that she thinks about complex questions from multiple perspectives in an effort to come to the best answer, not just the easiest or the fastest answer.

Lori is also open, friendly and communicative. I am confident she will engage with people on all sides of any issue and understand all of their viewpoints. I believe her oversight of our schools will be positive, appropriate and focused on continuing to improve the education system in town for the good of all of us. I look forward to working with Lori in her future interactions with the Board of Selectmen.

For all these reasons, I hope you will join me on May 19 in voting for Lori Nickerson for School Committee.


Ben Palleiko