Editorial: Supporting Lori Nickerson

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Lori Nickerson is my choice for School Committee on May 19. To be an effective School
Committee member you need to have a passionate commitment to serve the town of
Hopkinton, a curiosity to learn all sides of an issue, and critical thinking skills that help you
make smart decisions. Lori displays all of these qualities on a regular basis.

Lori’s extensive professional experience as a corporate attorney has trained her to deal with
multi-million dollar budgets, strategic initiatives and competing priorities. To be successful in
this type of environment requires a high level of analytical skill and sound decision making. I
am confident Lori will expertly apply those professional skills to the role of School Committee
member, and to the benefit of the citizens of Hopkinton.

What I most admire Lori for her is her selfless volunteer work and eagerness to contribute to
the community of Hopkinton. She currently volunteers her time on behalf of the Boston Area
Rape Crisis Center. For the benefit of Hopkinton Schools, Lori and I worked together on the
HPTA “Pumpkin Prom” committee, and there I acquired respect and admiration for her
generosity, intelligence, and dedication to a good cause. She put many hours into making
the event special for the elementary school girls of Hopkinton, as well as raising money for
the HPTA. Since moving to town, Lori has shown that her passion for service is something
that she wants to direct towards bettering the town of Hopkinton. She has embraced this
town and is eager to give back!

For these reasons, and with great enthusiasm, I support Lori Nickerson as a candidate for
School Committee, and I encourage you to as well. Please vote Lori Nickerson for School
Committee on Monday, May 19.

Sonia Cleven