Epcot "Land Exhibit" Designer to Present at Water Fresh Farm

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Dr. Merle Jensen, designer of the hydroponic displays in the Land Exhibit at Epcot and consultant to Water Fresh Farm since its inception, will be speaking at Water Fresh Farm at 11am on Saturday, May 26th. The subject of his talk will be Hydroponic Growing, Past, Present, and Future, including projects that have brought fresh vegetables to the food deserts of the world, the new hydroponic greenhouse in the Antarctic and the work being done in the lab geared toward growing on the moon. On a more personal level, he’ll discuss how consumers’ growing interest in locally grown produce has resulted in the growth of small, family run hydroponic farms that can operate and serve the communities in which they are located.

"It is this High Tech/High Touch interest that led to the establishment of Water Fresh Farm in Hopkinton, MA," said Jeff Barton, "where consumers can step from the market “buying environment” directly into the greenhouse “growing environment” and see how the vegetables that they are eating are being grown."

For more information about Dr. Jensen, Click Here.