Feedback from Center School Forum Now Available

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Feedback and suggestions given at the April 27, 2011 Joint Public Forum with the Board of Selectmen regarding the Elementary School Building Project are now available on the Hopkinton Public School District Website.

While almost 60 people attended the forum, comments, suggestions and feedback was collected from 20 attendees. Many of the comments echoed sentiments from the Special Town Meeting in March.

"Separate school building project from configuration (districting)."

"Conduct a post-mortem of most recent project and communicate findings."

"Make certain the strategic plan meets the community’s needs and is well communicated."

To see the complete list of comments, Click Here.

If you were unable to attend the forum, but would still like to provide feedback, call or email your comments to any of the School Committee members.

Rebecca Robak, Chair, [email protected] (508) 497-0830
Jean Bertschmann, [email protected] (508) 435-5195
Nancy Burdick, [email protected] (508) 435-0926
Richard P. de Mont, [email protected] (508) 893-9988
Troy Mick, [email protected] (508) 435-2687

"The School Committee greatly appreciates the feedback received to date, and encourages members of the public who would like to share a comment or suggestion to e-mail or call the members of the School Committee," said Jean Bertschmann.