Former Selectman Supports Dykema

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A vote for Carolyn Dykema for State Representative in the 8th Middlesex District will help continue a fine tradition for all the residents in the District. Over the years my neighbors and I have been very ably represented at the State House by folks like Barbara Gardner, Paul Loscocco, and most recently Dykema—folks from different parties but dedicated to common principles— professionalism, ethics, commitment and stewardship. Carolyn continues the effort to advance goals we can all support— small business protections, veteran’s benefits, state support of educational priorities, transparency and accountability from elected officials. Honestly, we are very fortunate to have her working for us at the State House; I hope you join me on Tuesday, November 6th voting for Carolyn Dykema for State Rep.

Carolyn works tirelessly for issues that I value like excellence in education, veteran’s benefits, innovative environmental initiatives, responsible fiscal management and progressive social initiatives like healthcare for all. Further she works across the aisles with folks from all constituency bases; she is respectful, responsive and cooperative…in short she works hard to find common ground while also working to move the entire district forward in important ways.

I find it interesting and instructive that in my household that now includes voters in both major parties and those that choose to remain un-enrolled, she may be the only candidate on Tuesday that gets all of our votes; we value and encourage independent and critical thinking in our children, and she is a candidate that earns a vote from all quarters. Even my 11 year old (admittedly a non-voter) understands that Mrs. Dykema is nice, hard-working and invested. We are a tough house politically speaking, but Carolyn Dykema inspires us all to action…we all support Carolyn Dykema for State Representative.

In her recent mailing she included a photo of hands “holding the rope”, an image that speaks volumes. Sometimes we all hold on and work hard for ourselves and our neighbors—we “hold the rope” for all including those who can’t hold on for themselves at the time. Sometimes, we let go and count on others to “hold the rope”. It comforts and encourages me that Carolyn Dykema is always hard at work and “holding the rope” for all of us in the 8th Middlesex District. Vote Dykema on Tuesday November 6, 2012.

Muriel Kramer, 39 North Street, Hopkinton, MA