Frank Sivo: Final Candidate Statement

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Great Schools ─ Managed Well. That is my mantra. As a new member of the School Committee, I will advocate for continuous performance improvement of our school system in a fiscally responsible way.

My core objectives are:

• Great Schools: Drive breakthrough improvement in educational results guided by the priorities set forth in the Strategic Plan. We all want great schools. In my experience, a good strategic plan will tell us where we are going, how we will get there, and if we are on track. Our expectations need to be high, our goals need to be ambitious, and our assessments of performance need to be thorough and candid.

• Managed Well: Proactively Manage Budget, Personnel, and Community Relations: We need to construct budgets that reflect priorities that will be supported by the town. We must be very judicious in our hiring decisions, and we must be transparent in our communications with the community.

As a 20-year resident of Hopkinton with 4 children in the public school system, I have strong roots in the community. I understand the pride that the community has in our schools, and, at the same time, I appreciate the community’s desire to limit property tax increases.

My service as a member of Appropriation Committee has given me a deep understanding of our town and school finances. I will couple this knowledge with 25 years of management experience in the private sector to get great value for our tax dollars.

I bring a fresh perspective and an open mind. I am connected neither to preferred solutions nor to special interests. I will relentlessly seek approaches that maximize educational outcomes with every tax dollar spent.

With respect, I request your vote for School Committee in the election on Monday, May 19th.

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