Fruit Street School Moves on to Next Phase

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The next steps for the Elementary School Building Project were discussed at their December 16th meeting of the Elementary School Building Committee. A Project Manager was named and the board took a look at new project cost figures.

Brian Main, Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) for the school district was named OPM for the Fruit Street project. Previously, Main was designated OPM for the project up to, and including the Schematic Design phase. The committee unanimously and enthusiastically approved Main as the OPM for the entire project.

“Brian has a proven record of managing projects, he’s a bargain” said School Superintendent Dr. Jack Phelan.

“He’s a familiar face in town,” said Chairman Rebecca Robak.

Main is certainly no stranger to Hopkinton. He served as the town’s Facilities Director for eight years, worked as the OPM consultant for the new high school, and has been involved with six different building committees.

Once in place as the OPM, Main said he intends to form a three member team to manage the project over its anticipated two and a half year life.
Main will still have to be approved by the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) review before he can start managing the project.

David Finney, president of the architectural firm Design Partnership of Cambridge, presented the new cost figures to the board. At an earlier meeting, a decision was made to use the slightly costlier CM at Risk project delivery method so Finney had to re-estimate the project cost. The initial numbers presented by Finney were reworked to lower some contingency costs.

The revised number for the total project cost presented to the board was $37,977,918. This number was close to the figure anticipated by the board. Using the CM at Risk method adds $1,800,000 to the project cost, but it insures that the figure cannot be exceeded under normal circumstances.

On a parallel track, Brian Main submitted the plan to the cost consultant firm of DG Jones and the number returned by the firm varied by less than 1% from the numbers presented to the board.

Like the appointment of Brian Main, the budget numbers, along with the rest of the school plan, are subject to approval by the MSBA and ultimately, by Town Meeting. The deadline for plan submission to the MSBA is December 30th, and the MSBA will vote on the plan at their February 9th board meeting.

If the project is approved, and the construction wraps up on time, the first students will open the doors of the new school in September 2013.