Greyhound Friends Approved for Kennel License

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Greyhound Friends, Inc., a greyhound adoption shelter based in Hopkinton, MA, is pleased to announce that it has been approved for a new kennel license following a 2-year hiatus. Closed for adoptions in 2017, the organization is preparing to relaunch in 2019 with new leadership at the helm.

“Guided by expert advice from animal advocates and the MSPCA, and with support from the most dedicated donors and volunteers, this new leadership has made major improvements to the kennel and created an operational plan to reflect and exceed current regulatory standards,” says board president Caryn-Amy Rose. “We have undergone rigorous inspections, addressed all questions and critiques, and made plans for ongoing improvements to assure that Greyhound Friends is well-suited to care for greyhounds as they move through our kennel and into adoption. We are thrilled with Theresa Shepard's leadership and her initial steps in implementing the vision of how the organization should be run, in a forward-thinking and positive collaboration with experts in shelter management and care.” Kennel & operations manager Theresa Shepard adds, “This license to house up to 15 greyhounds at a time renews our enthusiasm to restart our adoption work as soon as possible. There are still some challenges to overcome, but we are encouraged that this news has been met with an outpouring of joy and support throughout the Greyhound Friends community. We appreciate and welcome everyone’s help to complete a successful relaunch.”

Contact Information: Theresa Shepard, Kennel & Operations Manager Cell: (508) 212-4351
Kennel office: (508) 435-5969 (Tuesdays and by appointment) Email: [email protected]

Greyhound Friends is a nonprofit greyhound adoption shelter based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Founded in 1983, Greyhound Friends is dedicated to placing greyhound dogs in responsible, loving homes, as well as educating the public about the breed and promoting animal welfare in general. Consistent with this mission, over the past 35 years Greyhound Friends has grown to include a community of adopters, greyhound rehoming advocates, and dog welfare supporters working locally, nationally, and internationally. Through the dedicated efforts of its staff, volunteers, and supporters, the organization has rehomed over 10,000 dogs.