High School Traffic Reverts To Original With One Change

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Beginning last Thursday, January 2nd, a new traffic pattern was introduced in the hopes of creating a safer environment for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The results have been disappointing as the change created issues with morning arrival times. Effective immediately, the temporary barriers will be removed and we will revert to the traffic pattern which has been in place for many years, with one minor change. When afternoon buses are ready to depart, all other vehicular traffic exiting from the High School entrance road will be held back until the entire bus fleet has left the premises (3-4 minutes). Following this, other vehicles will be directed to leave the premises with assistance from the crossing guard.

We are continuing our search for a morning crossing guard. If you or someone you know has interest in this position, please refer to Job #14-38a on the District website under the Employment tab.

If you have any questions, please contact Ralph Dumas, Director of Finance & Operations, at 508-417-9385. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.