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A big warm up is on the way in stark contrast to last year when we never made it to 40 in February. We could break the record on Wednesday as temps approach the 60 mark!

All Invited to St. Paul’s Ash Wednesday Service February 10

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St. Paul’s Episcopal Church will mark the beginning of the Lenten Season with a special Ash Wednesday service. On February 10 at 7:00 p.m. there will be the Imposition of Ashes (a sign of our mortality) and Holy Eucharist (a sign of Christ’s presence). All are welcome. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is located at 61 Wood Street (Rte. 135) in Hopkinton. The mission of the church is to minister unconditionally to all in the name of Christ through shared worship, teaching, healing, and service.

Editorial: Supporting Marty Lamb for Republican State Committee

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Dear Editor,

We are writing in support of Marty Lamb for Republican State Committee. Marty is a true leader with pure motives.

As one of the chairmen of the successful effort to repeal automatic gas tax hikes, Marty built a grassroots team of over 1000 volunteers. The effort to stop the worst tax increase in history of our state helped GOP candidates and helped carry Charlie Baker into office!

Moreover, Marty Lamb saved us all money at the pump.

Coordinated Program Review March 14-18th

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Dr. Cathy MacLeod, Superintendent of the Hopkinton Public Schools was informed by the Department of
Elementary and Secondary Education of an upcoming Coordinated Program Review that will be taking
place this school year. As part of this Coordinated Program Review, Department staff will visit the district
during the week of March 14, 2016 – March 18, 2016. Such visits are routinely conducted by the
Department to satisfy federal and state requirements for the periodic review of specific education

Senate Passes Pay Equity Legislation

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BOSTON, MA –The Massachusetts Senate passed legislation today to strengthen the Massachusetts Equal Pay Act to further close the wage gap between male and female workers in the Commonwealth. The bill, S2107, sponsored by Senator Pat Jehlen (D-Somerville) and Senator Karen Spilka (D-Ashland), seeks to bridge the wage gap by ensuring equal pay for comparable work, establishing pay transparency and requiring fairness in hiring practices.

Former MA Federation of Republican Women President Endorses Lamb

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Holliston, MA ...Today Marty Lamb, candidate for Republican State Committee, announced that he has won the endorsement of Celeste Wilson, who was the President of the Massachusetts Federation of Republican Women (MFRW) for 8 years before their charter was forced to be removed by the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).

"I am proud to endorse Marty Lamb for State Committee. He truly cares about the party and will make a great State Committeeman," said Wilson. "Marty did an outstanding job repealing automatic gas tax hikes. His efforts helped the entire GOP ticket."

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Video: HCAM News 1-22-2016

On this edition of HCAM News, we have highlights from some of the Martin Luther King day festivities in town, the Hopkinton Police department had a couple promotions and welcomed a new officer to the team and Selectmen Chair, Ben Palleiko made an announcement about his future with the board, but first HCAM news recently caught up with Town Manager Norman Khumalo to talk about some of the happenings in town.

Ask Questions to Help With Math Homework

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Some parents lose their confidence when their child learns fractions. Others don’t panic until algebra. But sooner or later, most parents must face math homework that they don’t understand.
So how do you help your teen when you don’t understand the math? Ask these questions:
~What do the directions say?
~What words do you not understand?
~Where do you think you should begin?
~What do you already know that can help you work through the problem?
~Can you show me what you’ve done so far?

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Video: Hillers Sports Update: Jan 19th-26th 2016

Check out the latest Hillers Sports highlights below!
Hillers Boys Hockey (11 Wins, 2 Losses)
12/12/2015: Hillers defeat Ashland 7-0
12/16/2015: Hillers defeat Dover-Sherborn 5-2
12/19/2015 Medfield defeats Hillers 8-0
12/23/2015: Hillers defeat Norton 6-0
12/28/2015: Hillers defeat Lunenburg 3-1
12/29/2015: Hillers defeat Fitchburg 4-1
1/02/2016: Hillers defeat Holliston 5-1
1/06/2016: Hillers defeat Bellingham 6-3
1/13/2016: Medway defeats Hillers 3-1
1/20/2016: Hillers defeat Ashland 5-0
1/23/2016: Hillers defeat Dover-Sherborn 3-1
1/27/2016: Hillers defeat Assabet 6-0

Hopkinton Hillers Boys Basketball (5 Wins, 8 Losses)
12/15/2015: Dover-Sherborn defeats Hillers 48-32
12/18/2015: Hillers defeat Millis 64-52
12/21/2015: Hillers defeat Medway 65-55 (Nic Canal - 29 Points)
12/23/2015: South High Community defeats Hillers 46-35
12/27/2015: St Peters Marian defeats Hillers 71-70
1/05/2016 Holliston defeats Hillers 58-48
1/08/2016: Medfield defeats Hillers 77-67
1/11/2016: Hillers defeat Bellingham 58-54
1/15/2016: Ashland defeats Hillers 44-37
1/19/2016: Hillers defeat Norton 53-45
1/22/2016: Dover-Sherborn defeats Hillers 42-39
1/25/2016: Hillers defeat Millis 57-52
1/27/2016: Medway defeats Hillers 59-36

Hopkinton Hillers Girls Basketball (9 Wins, 3 Losses)
12/11/2015: Hillers defeat Norton 54-34
12/15/2015: Hillers defeat Dover-Sherborn 39-32
12/18/2015: Hillers defeat Millis 58-42
12/21/2015: Medway defeats Hillers 60-53
1/05/2016: Hillers defeat Holliston 43-23
1/08/2016: Medfield defeats Hillers 54-38
1/11/2016: Hillers defeat Bellingham 61-31
1/15/2016: Hillers defeat Ashland 52-48
1/20/2016: Hillers defeat Norton 43-39
1/22/2016: Hillers defeat Dover-Sherborn 61-47
1/25/2016: Hillers defeat Millis 48-45
1/27/2016: Medway defeats Hillers 73-54

Boys Winter Indoor Track (7 Wins, 1 Loss)
12/12/2015: Hillers defeat Bellingham 52-33
12/12/2015: Norton defeats Hillers 53-33
12/16/2015: Hillers defeat Westwood 57-29
12/22/2015: Hillers defeat Medfield 59-26
1/08/2016: Hillers defeat Ashland 66-20
1/13/2016: Hillers defeat Holliston 60.5-25.5
1/20/2016: Hillers defeat Medway 56-26

Girls Winter Indoor Track (8 Wins, 0 Losses)
12/12/2015: Hillers defeat Bellingham 77-9
12/12/2015: Hillers defeat Norton 49-37
12/16/2015: Hillers defeat Westwood 61-16
12/22/2015: Hillers defeat Medfield 65-21
1/08/2016: Hillers defeat Ashland 67-14
1/13/2016: Hillers defeat Holliston 54-32
1/20/2016: Hillers defeat Medway 63-23

Boys Winter Swimming (6 Wins, 3 Losses)

Girls Winter Swimming: (7 Wins, 0 Losses)

Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition

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The Ashland/Hopkinton council of the Knights of Columbus is holding its annual free throw competition on Saturday February 6th at Keefe Tech HS in Framingham. Competition registration begins at 1:30 PM and the competition starts at 2:00 PM. The competition is FREE and is open to all Hopkinton/Ashland boys and girls between ages 9-14. Each participant will receive a T-shirt and certificate of participation. Trophies and medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each age group for both boys and girls.


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