Hiller's Cleaners Plans Move to Hitchings Hardware Site

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If George Vrahaliotis’ plans become reality, you’ll soon be able to do your grocery shopping and drop off your dry cleaning in one stop.

Vrahaliotis, the owner of Hiller’s Cleaners, wants to move his business from the 97 Main Street location to the site of the now vacant Hitchings Hardware building. Vrahaliotis plans to demolish the current building and build anew. His current site is too small and has too many walls to run efficiently says the Hopkinton businessman.

His plans for the new building include a larger customer area and bigger work station area and a significant investment in new, state of the art cleaning equipment. The equipment, combined with soon to be available, more effective dry cleaners, will enable Vrahaliotis to provide the same level of service with less overhead and greener materials.

Vrahaliotis mentions the benefits of property ownership as one of the main reasons for the move. He doesn’t want to deal with landlords anymore and is anxious to buy the Hitchings building and own the new property. He’s been in the Main Street location now for 9 years and says it is time grow the business and build a facility that better meets his company’s needs.

The existing Hitchings structure, once home to the only local Hopkinton hardware store, will be razed once the construction begins. Vrahaliotis says he’s starting to work his way through the permitting process and does not anticipate any problems. He hopes to have all the final plans and permits ready by the beginning of next year. Once he gets underway he anticipates opening his new business around the middle of the year.

The two story structure will conform to the existing building style prevalent in many downtown homes and businesses according to Vlahaliotis and will also provide two studio apartments on the second floor. Parking spaces will also expand significantly from his existing site, using space both in front and rear of the new business.

For information about Hillers Cleaners and to check on the progress of the move to their new home you can go online to www.hillerscleaners.com.