Hopkinton Mom Needs a Kidney

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Letter in support of Maria Flannery:

Many of you know 16 year old Alex Flannery who lives here in Hopkinton. Most of you also know 13 year old Morgan Flannery and have seen her
dribbling down the soccer field or have seen her bright smile walking down the halls of the Middle School. You probably even know dad Bill Flannery
from coaching many of our up and coming soccer stars, maybe even your children, over the years with HYS. Through HPTA events and soccer
sidelines, you probably know mom Maria Flannery too.

But do you know mom Maria Flannery off the soccer field and outside of school and all the HPTA events? Let us introduce you; Maria Flannery is 48 years old, diabetic, and in her final stage of kidney failure. In short- she has been living her life with one kidney and NEEDS A

Eighteen years ago Maria received a kidney transplant from her father. This kidney has allowed Maria to marry the love of her life, care for her two
beloved children and ENJOY LIFE! Three years ago this kidney started to fail and Maria was placed on the deceased donor wait list. In June of 2011 she
moved to the top but because Maria is difficult to match, she still hasn't received her transplant. Maria was forced to start dialysis this past April
and goes to 3-hour sessions, 3 days a week. Due to her diabetes, someone in Maria's condition cannot survive long on dialysis.
Our goal is to spread Maria's story in hopes of reaching people who want to get tested to see if they qualify to be a donor. We need your help to find
a kidney for Maria so Morgan and Alex can see their mom healthy again, and she can see her children graduate high school and live their lives!
Maria's family is deeply touched by your consideration in reading this, and for helping spread the word! Social media is saving lives! Please consider
sharing Maria's story on facebook, twitter or your email list. You can simply forward her story at www.kidney4maria.com.

Maria has an A+ blood type and will need an A or O blood type donor. For those interested in getting tested, please contact Massachusetts General
Hospital, donor intake coordinator at: (617) 643 - 7193. The test is simple - you can go anywhere (even Main Street in Hopkinton) for a quick blood test after you call MGH.