Hopkinton Ranked 5th Safest Place to Live in the State!

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The Movoto Real Estate Research Site looked at every place in Massachusetts with 10,000 or more people, and out of the 168 places they determined that Hopkinton was the 5th safest place to live in the state! The three categories looked at were violent crime, property crime and the chance a resident will be the victim of a crime.

The Movoto study determined that in Hopkinton violent crimes amount to only 13 per 100,000 residents and 618 property crimes per 100,000 residents. The statistics show that in Hopkinton there is a 1 in 7,607 chance that you will be the victim of a violent crime and 1 out of every 162 people will be the victim of a property crime. In conclusion there is only a 1 in 158 chance that you will be the victim of any type of crime in Hopkinton.

Sudbury, Weston, Norfolk and Franklin also ranked in the top five in the Movoto crime study.

Further information about this study can be found at the below link: