Hopkinton ranks as the 13th best in the state for Auto Insurance cost!

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ValuePenguin.com reviewed auto insurance rates across Massachusetts and determined that Hopkinton has the 13th lowest cost in the state. They analyzed rates for several different driver profiles from 35 insurers and 179 cities to determine the cheapest and most expensive cities.

Based on the survey, ValuePenguin determined the average cost of car insurance in the Bay State is $1,347, annual premiums ranged from $1,015 at the low end to $2,350 at the high end (a variance of 132%). The survey took into account cities and towns with over 10,000 people.

The survey determined the cheapest car insurance cities and towns in Massachusetts have several common factors; "They cluster just outside of Boston within the Metrowest and Merrimack Valley region in Middlesex and Norfolk counties. These locations are generally home to smaller populations (less than 30,000) and have lower population density."

The list leading up to Hopkinton is as follows; 1) Nantucket 2) Sudbury 3) Concord 4) Westford 5) Pepperell 6) Medfield 7) Groton 8) Maynard 9) Medway 10) Northborough 11) Uxbridge 12) Acton.

Hopkinton ranked 13th averaging car insurance expenses of $1,062 a year.

See more at: http://www.valuepenguin.com/best-cheap-car-insurance-massachusetts#sthas...