Hopkinton Trails Club Event

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Sunday, January 19, 1:00PM: Fruit Street trails walk. Join us for a 2+/- mile walk (or snowshoe/ski) on the Mary Pratt trails (North and South) at the town's Fruit St. property. Our route will follow mostly level or gently sloping trails, and the footing is easy. We'll pass through pine forests, along vernal pools and wetlands, across an old gravel pit returning to meadow, and along the edge of the athletic fields. We'll see how nature reclaims the land after man has used and abused it and pass by two old stone foundations. For those that just want a short walk with younger kids, you can do the first part of the walk with us on the south trail, cross a small bridge and see some pine forest and wetlands, and then follow your tracks back. If there is significant snow cover, consider snow-shoes or X/C skis. The trails are ski-able with only a few inches of cover. The walk begins at the Fruit Street Athletic Complex (paved, plowed) parking area.

Unless otherwise noted, all Hopkinton Trails Club events are free and open to the public.