Hopkinton Veterans' Breakfast July 13

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Dear Veterans and Friends:

The upcoming Vets Breakfast is on 13 July 2018, at 0900 hours, at the Senior Center bringing you an opportunity to share camaraderie, community, and chow with fellow veterans.

Tribute will be paid to comrades who passed away during the past month, and those who are on "Sick Call" will be acknowledged. It is a generous gesture when you pay a visit or send a card to one or more of our ailing comrades.

Memories of military events that previously occurred on July 13th will be shared; for example, the date was in the midst of The Tet Offensive in 1968. Many Marines and Soldiers from Hopkinton were involved.

Other announcements will keep you abreast of Hopkinton happenings relating to veterans.

A free breakfast and lunch will be made available to the first person who correctly answers the monthly baseball quiz: Who is the only non-Yankee with 500 HRs and 3 championships?

Any veteran with transportation difficulties should call Amy Beck on/before 11 July 2018, 508 497-9730. Please encourage other Hopkinton Vets to attend the breakfast.

American Legion McDonough-Carlberg Post 202 will lead the Pledge of Allegiance, and the blessing of the meal.

See you Friday. Out.

Hank Allessio

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Lost comrade Hud Plucker, www.hcam.tv/series/veterans/ArmyUS/Slide215.JPG a 20-year-old 1st Sergeant, 1952. Was in Korea.

Lost comrade Jim Peterson, www.hcam.tv/series/veterans/Marine/Slide65.JPG graduated "boot" 1960, photo as an E-4 in Wash., DC

Events in history on the specific date you key-in this url: https://www.vetfriends.com/history/