Hopkinton/Ashland Historical Societies Trails Presentation

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Jason Newton will present the path his ancestors took from Cambridge to Hartford in the 1630’s via a slide show and video at the Hopkinton Historical Society. The Old Connecticut Path and the Bay Path travel some of the same trails through Ashland and Hopkinton. Learn about the route they followed. Take time to experience some of the challenges they faced through virtual video walks along the Path today. Enter forgotten places and see the world as those pioneers might have experienced on their long journey west.

Besides learning some colonial period history you will be introduced to trails you might wish to tour.

As this program will be the annual joint meeting between the Historical Societies of Ashland and Hopkinton please arrive early as parking is at a premium. Program starts at 2pm on Sunday April 27. Admission is free and refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the presentation.