HPS and HPD Announce Expansion of School Resource Officer Program

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The Hopkinton Public Schools and the Hopkinton Police Department are pleased to announce the expansion of the School Resource Officer program. Through the commitment and support of the community, an additional officer has been added to the Police Department. This position will allow for two part time School Resource Officers, ensuring full coverage of the Elementary Schools. Officer Powers will remain as the lead School Resource Officer and will spend the majority of his time at the High School.

Originating in 1999, this long standing police-school partnership builds collaboration and communication between students and their community. This partnership will be enhanced this year by the presence of two new officers: Matthew Santoro and Benjamin Stickney. The addition of officers at the elementary levels helps our youngest learners gain exposure to uniformed officers, public safety, and choices around personal responsibility and community based justice.

Complementing the educational aspect of the work, School Resource Officers Stickney and Santoro have been fully trained in ALICE protocols, and accordingly they will take part in risk assessment, crisis response, and other school safety measures.

Chief Lee has stated, “I am extremely excited about the expansion of this program. This position clearly demonstrates the community's commitment to the development and security of our children.”

Dr. Cavanaugh has stated, “Our extended partnership with the police helps to broaden elementary students’ understanding of community and their participation in it.”

If you are at the school and see any of your School Resource Officers, please take a moment to introduce yourself.

PHOTO: Chief Lee discusses the expansion of the School Resource Officer Program with the team on the HCAM-TV Series "The Chief's Log."
From left to right are: Chief Ed Lee, Officer Matt Santoro, Officer Ben Stickney and Officer Phil Powers

August 28, 2018

Lt. Joseph Bennett – Hopkinton Police Spokesman
(508) 497-3401