Lori Nickerson: Final Candidate Statement

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VALUE – This word best describes my candidacy and how I view the role of a School Committee member.

All of my life experiences have shaped me to be a VALUE-driven individual who volunteers her time and expertise to help others.

I VALUE all of the successes my education provided me and I will ensure that strategic educational opportunities are accessible to all Hopkinton students.

My professional experience as a corporate attorney, with extensive skills in budget analysis, creative problem-solving, policy implementation and transparent communication, will bring VALUE to the School Committee and the School Administration.

I VALUE listening to the citizens of Hopkinton and identifying the impact of School Committee decisions on each of those citizens.

I will require each strategic initiative and related budget spend to clearly demonstrate VALUE for both students and taxpayers.

Do not underestimate the VALUE of your vote to the future of our schools and the future of our town – it’s immeasurable.

Thank you for your time and consideration in getting to know me during this campaign.

I respectfully request your vote for School Committee on Monday, May 19.

Lori Nickerson
30 Glen Road