Message to Hopkinton Families: Hot Weather for First Day of School Tomorrow

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Hopkinton School Superintendent, Dr. Carol Cavanaugh sent the below letter to students and families in regard to the hot weather expected tomorrow for the first day of school.

"Dear Hopkinton Families:

We are excited for the arrival of over 3,600 students to opening day tomorrow. As you know, the weather forecast indicates very high temperatures, raising questions about students’ comfort and safety.

We are encouraging parents and guardians to exercise your own judgment regarding your student's well-being, just as we would during episodes of inclement weather in the winter months. Therefore, if you would prefer to keep your child home due to the heat, we will honor tomorrow as an excused absence. If you would like to dismiss your child at any point in the day, you may do that as well.

Please have your students dress in light, comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle to keep themselves hydrated. Every effort is being made on our part to keep the school buildings as cool as possible.

Again, we look forward to welcoming back the students of Hopkinton.

All my very best for a successful school year,

Carol Cavanaugh"