MetroWest Regional Transit Authority Advisory Board Vacancy Announcement

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The MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA) is currently seeking a volunteer member of the Hopkinton community to serve on the Authority’s Advisory Board. The available position is for the Disabled Community Member seat of the Advisory Board only. This position is an excellent opportunity for a member of the disabled commuter population from Hopkinton who wishes to be a passionate advocate for community and regional transportation related issues for persons with disabilities.

Interested parties should apply by Wednesday, March 6, 2013. To apply, visit the Town’s website and apply through the online volunteer form here:

Residents may also apply by submitting a brief letter of interest to: Jamie Hellen, Operation’s Assistant to the Town Manager’s Office, 18 Main Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748. Interested parties may also contact Mr. Hellen at 508-497-9700 with any questions regarding expectations or details about the position, or the MWRTA.

Opening in 2006 to better serve the region’s public transportation needs, the MWRTA serves twelve communities in the MetroWest region and seeks to build a public transportation system that delivers convenient and dependable service that enhances mobility, environmental quality and economic vitality in the region. The MWRTA is guided by a 13-member Advisory Board. State statutes mandates that the chief elected official, or a chosen designee, serves on behalf of the community on the Advisory Board. In addition, a member representing the disabled community also serves on the advisory board. Pursuant to Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 161B, Section 5, each MWRTA member town takes a turn appointing a member to the Disabled Community Member seat of the Advisory Board.