Patriots vs Dolphins Recap

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We're on to Pittsburgh...

The New England Patriots took the field in Miami against the Dolphins in a divisional rivalry game on Monday. While their were some bright spots for the Pats, they were just simply outplayed by the Dolphins on all three phases of the game. Starting with the offense, QB Tom Brady did not seem to be the same field general that he is. He went 24-43 and threw 2 INTs in the loss. The offense also did not convert a single third down and went 0-11 for the entire game. As for the Dolphin's offense, they have seemed to find their stride. After losing 5 straight games, they have come back and won two straight. Jay Cutler, while suspect throughout his career, had an excellent game, passing for over 300 yards and throwing for 3 TDs.

Hats off also goes to the defense of Miami as they were able to get to Brady handily throughout the game and keep him off tempo: only allowing 10 points to be scored at halftime. Players like Ndamukong Suh have been excellent additions to their front seven and have made them a formidable force in the NFL. The Patriots defense seemed to be the exact opposite of the Dolphins, however. Head Coach Adam Gase was using offensive formations that seemed very foreign to Defensive Coach Matt Patricia and the defense. As a result, the Dolphins were able to move the ball with ease, scoring 27 points and giving their fans an electric showcase.

The main takeaway that I got out from this game is that the Patriots cannot take any team for granted. Just because the Dolphins are 6-7 does not mean they can play a sub-par and hope for a victory. This advice and mindset will be crucial for the Patriot's next matchup against the red-hot Pittsburgh Steelers for a battle of 1st in the AFC.

Until then, rest up and get ready for a bounce back on Sunday!