Physician Focus: Here’s our 100th

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From left, Bruce Karlin, M.D.; Julie Ingelfinger, M.D.; Jeffrey Drazen, M.D.

The collaboration of the Massachusetts Medical Society and HCAM-TV has been a fruitful one for nine years, producing programs that inform citizens of all ages about important health care topics. In August, we taped our 100th program, and MMS and HCAM-TV proudly release it now as our October episode.

Medicine’s Greatest Achievements takes a step back from our usual fare of medical conditions and has a dual purpose: to examine some of medicine’s greatest accomplishments and what they mean for patients today, and to pay tribute to the New England Journal of Medicine, published by the Massachusetts Medical Society and widely regarded as one of the most-respected medical journals in the world. NEJM is celebrating its 200th year of publication this year in communicating medical knowledge to physicians and health care professionals around the globe.

Guests for the program are two distinguished NEJM editors: Jeffrey Drazen, M.D., Editor-in-Chief, and Julie Ingelfinger, M.D., Deputy Editor. Hosting the program is primary care physician Bruce Karlin, M.D.

The physicians discuss such landmark developments as the stethoscope, anesthesia, aseptic surgery, antibiotics, and vaccines and how these have improved the lives of millions of people around the world. Also in the conversation: the beginnings of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Please join us this month for some historical perspective on the world of medicine.

Before I leave this space this month, I will exercise executive producer’s privilege in repeating something I wrote last month. Producing 100 programs whose singular purpose is to improve people’s health is a gratifying experience. It’s also fun, and both are due in large part to the people involved. So, as we bring you our 100th episode, I tip my hat once again to my co-producer HCAM station manager Jim Cozzens, Director Mike Torosian, and the many HCAM volunteers, whose efforts each month make Physician Focus possible.