Planning Board Discusses Hayden Woods Development

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The Planning Board met during their January 6 meeting to discuss the development of a proposed Garden Apartment community at 215 Hayden Rowe Street called Hayden Woods. The concept plan has been approved but the Board has yet to approve the definitive plan given by applicant William Perkins.

The proposal for Hayden Woods includes 18 multi-family units with three duplexes and one single family home. Most of the proposed buildings will be connected. Chairman Ken Weismantel opened the discussion by stating that the plan was hard to understand and needed to be more cohesive. It was unclear what types of houses would be built and where they would be built on the site, and the submitted plan did not match the roadway plan that had been given. An earlier plan was approved by the Design Review Board, but Weismantel suggested returning to Design Review with the new plan.

“We want to work with you on it but we’ve got to have something we can write and put in a decision that people can understand,” said Weismantel.

Perkins asked whether any buildings on the site plan had to be fixed to one spot on the plan or if he had some flexibility over where they could be placed on the site. Different sized model buildings have been looked at for the site, with some being 35 feet wide and some being 42 feet wide. Weismantel stated that plans have been approved in the past with buildings approved in certain spots as long as they were of similar size, but that changes have been approved to site plans partway through the development process. Perkins stated that he would like to have options for the site with different plans and variances in building sizes.

“We’re not necessarily opposed to variety… but they’ve all got to fit together and look like a reasonable community...” said Weismantel.

A more definitive site plan is expected to be done for review by the Planning Board meeting on February 24. If a decision is made at that time, it will be filed on March 3.