Planning Board Reviews Hayden Woods

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A discussion for the Hayden Woods development at 215 Hayden Rowe Street was continued as the site plan must be changed to reflect comments made by the Planning Board during their February 25 meeting. Developer William Perkins was in attendance along with attorney Joe Marquedant.

The proposal for Hayden Woods includes 18 two-bedroom apartments on 21 acres of land with one apartment being affordable. The development will include a mix of duplexes and single family homes with a connection between the buildings. Both the Conservation Commission and the Design Review Board have approved the plans for Hayden Woods. The Design Review Board liked the idea of a pergola to attach the buildings, but the pergola will have to be given a building permit to build. A mudroom had previously been proposed to the Design Review Board but was voted down in favor of a more open connection between buildings.

A stormwater basin is proposed for the site along the edge of the buffer zone to the wetlands. The Board noted how close the basin is to the development, and suggested moving the basin 20 feet into the buffer zone as granted by Conservation Commission.

Due to the changes that need to be made to the plan such as showing the pergola and moving the basin, the hearing was continued to March 24.