A Positive Change: Ellen Scordino

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To the Editor, Friends, & Neighbors,

We are fortunate to live in the Town of Hopkinton. It is a community rich with history, excellent schools, growing recreational areas, and intelligent and dedicated volunteers who work hard to improve what this town has to offer. As a community we are made up of veterans, parents, students, longtime residents, and newcomers; all who want the best for our growing Town. At times, change is needed and I think this is a time that voters in our community need to advocate for a positive change on our School Committee.

Ellen Scordino has the skills we need, coupled with a new perspective that I am confident will help our School Committee work in a way that is more efficient, more strategic, and much more fiscally responsible. She does not come to this election with a predetermined set of ideas that will keep things operating as they have been. She is a hard working professional who demonstrates a desire to listen to the community, look at the facts, engage in constructive and open dialogue, and act in a thoughtful and prudent manner.

If you do not know Ellen, I encourage you to reach out to her at [email protected] . I think you will be pleased with what you learn. Ellen has earned my vote and my confidence in her ability to help bring a more practical and prudent approach to our School Committee. Please join me in advocating for a positive change on May 20th by voting for Ellen Scordino.

Kim Brennan
151 Spring Street