School Super Explains Middle School Lockdown

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Dear Parents/Guardians:

This morning at approximately 8:00am, an unidentified adult was seeking access to the Hopkinton Middle School through some back and side door locations. As a result, the building was immediately placed in lock-down and the Hopkinton Police were notified and responded to secure the building. Shortly after, the adult was identified. Unfortunately, the person was unfamiliar with protocols for entering the school and had sought entry without using the main entrance and buzzer system. Once the person was identified, the lockdown was terminated and students resumed their regular schedule by 8:30am.

We are proud of the response of students and staff in following protocols by keeping our doors locked and requiring access to the school only by using the front door entry system.

As a reminder to parents, guardians, and all visitors to the Middle School, all exterior doors are locked daily at 7:30am. If parents or guardians need access to the school, please use the main entrance by the tennis courts and flagpole. Using the buzzer entry system, the front office staff will provide access to the Middle School.

Thank you,

Dr. DeMello

Assistant Superintendent