Show What Community TV Means to You!

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On Tuesday July 1st at 7:00pm in Town Hall Room 211 there will be a “Cable Needs Ascertainment Public Hearing”, in which Verizon wants to hear what you have to say about Community TV. Here in Hopkinton, Community Television means: HCAM.

Every ten years the Town negotiates a contract with Verizon to provide cable tv service to our community, and part of that contract is support for the two channels provided to our residents; HCAM-TV and HCAM-ED. These channels cover local activities ranging from school sports, plays and graduation, to government meetings, arts, and current affairs.

In addition, HCAM also runs free training workshops, so in addition to watching, you can get behind a camera and produce your own programming.​

This is an important time to show how you value your community's TV stations! Here at HCAM we work with residents, community organizations, local businesses and government to produce informative and entertaining programming that educates and entertains our viewers, and keeps them aware of what is happening in Hopkinton. To do all this, we require the support of Verizon.

This is your chance to tell Verizon why Community TV is valuable to our community and to show support for HCAM at the public hearing by either attending, writing a letter, or emailing us why Community TV is valuable.

As always, we are grateful for your support and look forward to continuing to serve you by providing programming that benefits our community.