Sivo Supports Scordino for School Committee

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To the Editor:

This year, Hopkinton voters have a candidate running for School Committee
who offers a fresh perspective. Her name is
Ellen Scordino. I have had the pleasure of meeting Ellen at several
civic and school events, and have gotten to know her as a person and
candidate. Ellen offers a new voice, and a respect for taxpayers’ hard earned dollars,
while supporting our top-notch school system.

Ellen is a dedicated mother of two, a former scientist, and
practicing patent attorney. As a School Committee member, I feel she
will bring to the role the aspirations of a parent, the objectivity
of a scientist, and the pragmatism of an attorney. Ellen is not a
member of the educational establishment, nor looking to preserve the
status quo. She represents the positive change that many parents and
taxpayers seek.

I am backing Ellen's campaign in all ways possible and encourage
supporters of fresh ideas, fiscal prudence, and excellent schools to
vote for Ellen Scordino on May 20, 2013

Frank Sivo