Snow Wont Crush Meg's Soles of Love.

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Hello runners! Wanted to send a quick update on the “Meg Soles of Love” initiative being planned for the start of the Boston Marathon. First, the not-so-great news: Since we announced the initiative, we have been crushed by three snowstorms totaling more than three feet of snow. Unfortunately, this means we wont be able to start building the structure until the snow melts. Now for the amazing news: More running shoes arrive every day. We are up to about 200 pairs of running shoes. The love and personal stories behind each pair of shoes is so heartwarming. From a high school classmate of Scott’s to a Mom stopped just before the finish at last year’s Boston marathon right when she was going to get a PR to a women’s running club in California – every pair of shoes has profound meaning and is filled with love. If you haven’t sent a pair of old running shoes yet, please send them to” ‪#‎megsmiles‬, 14 Cedar Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748. As a reminder, the 26.2 Foundation will be donating the shoes to a worthy cause after the race. Feel free to share this post if you know a runner who may want to send a pair of running shoes. Thank you to everyone who has sent shoes so far. I wish you could all experience the palpable love that is felt every time I open a box. I am hoping some of these photos are able to capture that feeling. Run safe everyone!

Sending love…..
Kel Kelly