From the Superintendent's Desk

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Current weather forecasts predict that Hopkinton will be experiencing a winter storm tomorrow, Thursday, February 13th morning hours of Friday, February 14th that the snow will begin between 7AM and 8AM on Thursday, forecasters are still not offering a clear prediction of when (and if) the snow will turn to rain. As I am sure you understand, this uncertainty poses several challenges when making school cancellation/delay/early dismissal decisions. However, I will make the best possible decision, keeping everyone’s safety in mind, by 5:00AM tomorrow morning through our regular means of communication.

Given the uncertain nature of the forecast, parents should be aware that I may implement an early dismissal following this schedule: HHS/HMS, 10:45AM, Elmwood, 11:25AM, Hopkins/Center, 12:05PM. In this case, no lunches will be served.

As we turn our attention to Friday, February 14th may also pose a challenge. It is possible there may be a “Delayed Opening”.

This decision will also be made and communicated to you no later than 5:00AM on Friday.

I hope this information helps you in your planning and will continue to keep you informed.

Cathy MacLeod,
Superintendent of Schools