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Convert Short-term Memory Into Long-term Learning

With final exams coming up, your teen will have to recall a lot of information. Good recall is not simply a gift. It can be learned and improved through practice, and finding what works best for your teen.
The key to good recall is moving a piece of information from short-term memory (which lasts a few moments) to long-term memory (which lasts months or years).

Encourage your teen to use the ideas below that most appeal to her. Such as:

~Draw a picture or make a diagram about the information. Use words for a caption.
~Turn the information into a song, rhyme or rap.
~Write a short story about it.
~Create a computer file about the information.
~Study the information for short periods of time. First, 10 minutes after learning it. Then two days later. Then a week later.
~Ask a friend to let you tell her about it, in your own words. Encourage the friend to ask questions about what you’ve said. Go find the answers to the questions you don’t know.
~Put it into real life, if possible. For example, if your teen is trying to learn an accounting lesson, ask her to use her developing skill to make your family a monthly budget.

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