Top of the Hill Induction Ceremony Nov. 21

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The Hopkinton High School Top of the Hill Program honors alumni for their exceptional
achievements and contributions to society. This program is brought to you by The
Hopkinton Parent Teacher Association, The Hopkinton Education Foundation, and the
Hopkinton High School.

-Please Join Us-
Induction Ceremony Tuesday November 21st @ 7pm at the Hopkinton High School Auditorium.
Ceremony & Light Refreshments to honor the Class of 2017 Inductees:

Mike Whalen - 1968
Scotty Mackin - 1982
Sarah Ellam - 1998

Thoughtful words from Tom Burke representing his relatives George V. And Walter A. Brown at the Top of the Hill Ceremony November 22nd 2016:

“Tonight I can’t help but recall the words of President John F. Kennedy – ‘We must judge a country
not only by the men it produces. But by the men it honors. By the men it remembers.’ In
remembering George V. Brown and Walter A. Brown as you have, along with our other distinguished
honorees Fred Harris, Michael Shepard, Kelly Grill, Sunni Beville, and Libby Bischoff, Hopkinton tells
the world, These are our beloved sons and daughters. We nurtured them. We sent them forth. By
honoring them, we bring honor to ourselves and all that we stand for.”