Town of Hopkinton Notifies Residents/Property Owners of Next Steps in the Main Street Corridor Project Easement Appraisal Process

By contributor,

The Town of Hopkinton via the Town Engineer’s Office on October 18, 2019 notified residents/property owners abutting the Main Street Corridor Project, who had previously provided the Town Engineer with their emails, of the next steps in the easement appraisal process for the Main Street Corridor Project.

The notification included a letter notifying them that they will be receiving a letter from the appraisal company, Howard S. Dono & Associates, Inc. within the next week. The letter from the appraiser, which will follow within the next week, will include information about the appraisal process, as well as contact information for the appraiser.

“The Town is committed to keeping property owners up-to-date on the project's progress and next steps,” said Town Engineer David Daltorio.
A review process will follow the appraiser’s work. Once the review is completed, the Town will be contacting property owners to inform them of the amount of just compensation they will be paid for the proposed easements.

If you would like or need additional information about the Easement Appraisal Process for Hopkinton’s Main Street Corridor Project, please contact Town Engineer, David Daltorio, P.E. at [email protected] or 508-497-9740.