Town Meeting Day 1 Updates

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Motion to move Article 53 after Article 22 - Passed Unanimously

Article 1: Acceptance of Town Reports - Passed Unanimously

Article 2: FY 2019 Supplemental Appropriations and transfers - Passed Unanimously
($525,000 for snow and Ice, $70,000 for Sewer Enterprise Fund)

Article 3: Unpaid Bills from Previous Fiscal Years - Passed Unanimously

Article 4: Property Tax Exemption Increase - Passed Unanimously

Article 5: The Brave Act - Increase in abatement by amount not to exceed the cost of the Living - Passed Unanimously

Article 6: The Brave Act - Real estate tax exemption for veterans and other qualified persons where home is owned by a trust, conservator or other fiduciary for the person's benefit - Passed Unanimously

Article 7: Brave Act - Real Estate Tax Exemption for surviving parents of guardians of certain soldiers, sailors, members of the national guard and Veterans - Passed Unanimously

Article 8: Brave Act - Reduction of Property Tax Obligation of Veteran in exchange for volunteer services - Passed Unanimously

Article 9: Set the Salary of Elected Officials - Passed Unanimously

Article 10: Fiscal 2020 Operating Budget - Passed with motion
(Total Budget: $92,698,222.88)
General Fund: $87,148,752.27
Community Preservation Fund: $289,605.75
Sewer Enterprise Sources of Funds: $2,569,775.55
Sewer Enterprise fund Budget: $2,850,953.07
Water Enterprise Sources of Funds: $2,057,513.31
Water Enterprise Fund Budget: $2,427,060.67
Parks & Recreation Enterprise Sources of Funds: $632,576
Parks & Recreation Enterprise Fund Budget - $671,439.76

-Heavy Discussion of Town Under-ride

-Motion to vote on Under-ride Separately - Motion Cancelled
-Motion to Delete language relating to a non-binding under-ride language by Mary Ondrechen - Motion Passes Majority

Article 11: FY 2020 Revolving Funds Spending Limits - Passed Unanimously

Article 12: PEG Access Enterprise Fund - Passed Unanimously
-Sets up enterprise fund for Hcam with $50,000

Article 13: Chapter 90 Highway Funds - Passed Unanimously
$643,095 for town from State

Article 14: Transfer to General Stabilization Fund - Passed Unanimously
-Moves $200,000 from Free Cash to G.S.F.

Article 15: Establishments of School Department Stabilization Fund - Passed Unanimously
-$500,000 from town's receipts reserved for Appropriation Account to establish a School Department Stabilization Fund.
-Town Counsel: "All money from Legacy Farms to address over population will go into the stabilization funds."

Article 16: Transfer to Other Post-Employment Benefits Liability Trust Funds - Passed Unanimously

Article 17: Pay As You Go Capital Expenses - Passed Unanimously

Article 18: Purchase of Valve Maintenance Trailer System - Passed Unanimously

Article 19: Purchase of Water Department Truck - Passed Unanimously

Article 20: Purchase of Bucket Truck - Passed Unanimously

Article 21: Purchase of Multi-Purpose Municipal Tractor - Passed Majority

Article 22: Sewer Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan Update - Passed Unanimously

Article 53: Colella Farm Road Sewer - No Action Recommended - Passed Unanimously

Article 23: Sidewalk Master Plan Phase II - Fails required 2/3rd majority 124 For, 103 Against
$1,060,000 used for design, repair, maintenance, renovation, improvement, rehabilitation, construction and reconstruction of sidewalks along West Main Street and Wood Street.

Amendment to eliminate West Main Street expenses, bringing total to $100,000 - Failed Standing Vote 127-104

Article 24: School Bus Parking Lot - Passes Standing Vote 146-60
$300,000, location will be at Town Owned 90 Hayden Rowe.
-Reduces current school bus contract $50,000

End of Day 1!