Update from Board of Health: Mosquito-Borne Illness High Risk

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From Ed Wirtanen, Hopkinton Board of Health: The Department of Public Health announced late Friday additional cases of WNV and EEE in Massachusetts. They also did an additional review of the EEE human case that resulted in the death of a Middlesex County resident and indicated the individual was likely exposed in Westborough. As such the Towns of Hopkinton, Grafton, Northborough, Shrewsbury, Southborough and Upton have been raised to HIGH Risk and human cases in these communities are considered likely at this time. In addition to normal precautions, avoiding outdoor activities with obvious mosquito activity, avoiding outdoor activity during dusk to dawn and considering cancelling or rescheduling outdoor gatherings during peak mosquito activities. I have forwarded this information to the school department for their notice and appropriate response.

More information will be available Wednesday in the afternoon after a conference call with DPH. So far there have been no positive EEE mosquitos and no WNV mosquitos since 8/24/12 in Hopkinton.