Update from Water Manager Eric Carty

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Good afternoon this is Eric Carty with the Hopkinton DPW. We would like to update you on the current water situation. We are continuing to flush fire hydrants in the affected areas and we are starting to notice a decrease in the discoloration. Please be advised that although the water is discolored, it is safe to use and not a threat to public health. The discoloration is caused by the mineral deposits being dislodged from the inside of the pipe surface due to the water breaks. You should periodically check your water to see if your pipes have cleared. We will send out another notice once we have seen the discoloration gone from the hydrants being flushed. In the interim, if you need water and cannot wait for the mains to clear then we will have someone stationed in front of the Grove street water tanks with bottled water through the evening hours.

If you have any questions please call the water department at 508-497-9765. If you have any special circumstance and need assistance after hours, please call the Hopkinton Fire department at 508-497-2325