Vets Breakfast Moved to January 10th

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Happy New Year to all. Lets celebrate at the Senior Center Mess Hall with chipped beef and other great chow on Friday, 10 January 2014, at or about 0900 hours. Many regulars show-up before 0900 to dive into the coffee and muffins, so don't be late. Best of all there will be a custom-made environment of good friends and camaraderie. Please invite your friends who don't receive this message. If there are transportation difficulties, call Amy Beck by 8 January 2014, 508 497-9730.

Five more photos are all that is needed to expand The Gallery to 500. Please help locate an image of anyone who has lived in town and worn a military uniform . The nine photos that are in queue will be posted soon. One is of our General Lenihan with President Teddy Roosevelt. Stay tuned.

Veterans Remember recent tapings of Jimmy Marr and Aubrey Doyle will be posted soon, too. Let us know if you are aware of a prospective guest . An hour-long interview with Charlie Zettek has been re-discovered. Our friends at the Natick Library have granted permission to include Charlie among our List of Links: .

All who are at the breakfast will be able to earn a fully-paid meal by correctly answering the monthly baseball quiz. Must attend! Name the player who led the majors in hits during the decade of the 1980s.

The Pledge of Allegiance and the blessing of our meal will be led by members of the American Legion McDonough-Carlberg Post 202.

See you Friday. Out.