Video: Ashley Olafsen talks Bridging the Gap Between Parents and Teen Daughters Program

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MOVE a program for Young Girls is expanding their services and Co-Founder, Ashley Olafsen, will be hosting a workshop for parents called "Bridging the Gap Between Parents and Teen Daughters: How to Help Girls Navigate." The workshop will be hosted at the Hopkinton Public Library on Saturday June 15th at 2pm. You can find more information about the free workshop and Ashley at

"In this interactive workshop by Ashley Olafsen, learn how to help your teenage daughters navigate body image, friendships, relationships, social media, and mental health. Ashley will share insights on what girls may be struggling with, what girls wish their parents knew, and how parents can support young women during middle and high school. After the workshop, there will be a Q & A session with Ashley and 3 high school girls. Participants will walk away with a better understanding on how to approach tricky conversations and challenges, and will have an opportunity to think critically about the best way to navigate their own relationships with their daughters."

The MOVE program is also accepting registrations for their summer camp: "MOVE is a program designed for young women based out of Hopkinton, MA. We aim to tackle issues women are currently facing through candid conversation led by experienced female leaders. MOVE enables young women to reach their maximum potential by giving them the tools to become confident and active leaders in their communities."

Registration for MOVE summer camp is now open for Girls enterting 7th through 10th grade in September 2019. The camp takes place 9am-3pm, August 5th through 9th at St. Johns Church in Hopkinton. View the MOVE website at for more information.