Video: Hopkinton Annual Town Meeting Day 2 Recap

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Below, view a recap of Day 2 of the 2019 Hopkinton Annual Town Meeting.

Article 25: Purchase of Ladder Truck - Standing Vote- Passed: 256-11
$1,200,000 for a Ladder Truck to replace used Truck purchased in 2016.
2/3rds required vote

Article 26: Public Safety Software Upgrade - Passed Unanimously

Article 27: Town Hall Basement Renovation - Standing Vote: Fails Majority 175 (for), 112 (against)
$200,000 to add office and meeting space
-Town Manager stated: funds would be used to build kitchen, offices and storage space.
2/3rds required vote

Article 28: Security Cameras - School - Passed Unanimously

Article 29: Center School Renovation and Reuse Feasibility Study - Passes Clear Majority

Article 30: Community Preservation Funds - Passed Unanimously

Article 31: Community Preservation Recommendations - Article Passed Majority minus Item D
Historical Preservation for:
A-Land Records in Town Hall Basement ($20,000) (Passed)
B-Historical Photographs ($3,750) (Passed)
C-Headstones at Cemeteries ($10,000) (Passed)
D-Dog Park at 66B fruit st. ($20,000 for design, approx. $400,000 to build) (Passed Separate Vote)
E-Lacrosse Wall at fruit st fields ($25,000) (Passed)
F-Irrigation System at Pyne Field ($25,000) (Passed
G-Wetland Crossing at 0 Wilson St. ($50,000) (Passed)
H-Replace Equipment at EMC Playground ($260,000) (Passed)

-Motion to Separate Item D - Standing Vote: Passes 228-72
-Motion to Separate Item H - Standing Vote: Fails 109-178

Discussion of Item D (Dog Park) - Passed 191-158

Article 32: Car Wash Use - Failed 2/3rd majority, 226(For)-117(Against)
-Determines Zoning for a potential Car Wash

Article 33: Indoor Recreation Uses - Passed Unanimously
-Uses Allowed by Special Permit in Industrial A District

Article 34: Self-Storage Facility - Fails Required 2/3rds
-Self Storage Facility in Industrial A District
-Planning Board does not recommend approval
-Amendment to change to use by Special Permit (Change from 210-34.A to 210-35.A)- Fails 145(For)-190(Against)

Article 35: Associated Retail to Manufacturing Use - Passed 2/3rd requirement 305(For)-8(Against)
-Would allow 5000 sq ft area or smaller of retail space
-Special Permit from ZBA required
-Public Hearing Required
-No change in bylaws as to what products can be manufactured

Article 36: OSMUD District - Residents of Age-Restricted Housing - Fails 2/3rds majority
-Developer cannot comply with current bylaw due to age restriction
-Removes prohibition of residents under 18
-At least one resident must be 55 in the 180 units
-If more than 3 students in school system, $9,000 a year per student above 3 must be paid to the town from the developer.
(Average cost per a student per a year is approx. $15,000.)
-Developer could pass fees for students in school system to home owners association
-Units are required to be no more than 2 bedrooms

Article 37: OSMUD District - Affordable Housing - Passed Unanimously
-Keep prohibition on Children under 18
-Allows Planning Board to Approve a payment-in-lieu of providing the units, to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.
-Allows the Planning Board to Approve the creation of the required number of affordable housing units elsewhere in Hopkinton by the developer.
-May Result in affordable housing units elsewhere in Hopkinton, outside of OSMUD District.
-Planning Board Recommends 7 to 1.

Article 38: OSMUD - Restricted Land Definition - Passed Standing Vote (almost unanimously, 222-2)
-Inserting in the definition of Restricted Land in section 210-164, after the words land improved for other municipal".

End of Day 2