Video: Hopkinton Annual Town Meeting Day 3 Recap

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Below, view a recap of Day 2 of the 2019 Hopkinton Annual Town Meeting.

Article 39: Temporary Banners - Unanimously Passed
-Expands where banners may be displayed to Route 85, Route 135 and West Main St.

Article 40: Commercial Solar Photovoltaic Installations - Amended Motion Passed Unanimously
-Strengthens the ability of the Planning Board to require screening around Solar farms, while preserving flexibility to respond to site and neighborhood conditions.

Language Amended by Mark Hyman to add "from abutting properties and public ways" - Passed Unanimously

Article 41: Subdivision, Garden Apartment & Village Housing Phasing - 3-year Moratorium - No Action Passed Unanimously
-No Motion Recommended by creators

Article 42: One Year Growth Restriction - Article Fails Required 2/3rd majority
-Citizen Petition Article by Amy Ritterbusch/Deborah Fein-Brug
-Not Reviewed by Zoning advisory committee
-Planning Board does not recommend approval
-Requires town to establish a Growth Study Committee no later than August 1st
-Town-wide total of not more than 12 building permits for new dwelling units shall not be authorized by the Town during the period that this section is in effect.
-Not More than 2 dwelling units shall be authorized via a Building Permit for any one applicant during the period that this section is in effect.
-Certain exemptions apply including OSMUD
-Chamber of Commerce Opposes Article

Article 43: Change "Board of Selectmen to "Select Board" in Zoning Bylaw - Standing Vote Passes 258(For)-53(Against)
-Citizens Petition by Amy Groves
-Planning Board Supports Article

Article 44: Change "Board of Selectmen" to "Select Board" in General Bylaws - Passes
-Citizens Petition by Amy Groves
-Related to Article 43

Article 45: Kennel Licensing Bylaw - Passed Unanimously
-"Clearly delineates what it takes to pass an inspection" - Selectmen Chair, Clair Wright
-Defines and enforces proper record keeping

Article 46: 76 Main Street Historic District - Standing Vote: Passes 287 (For) 70 (Against)
-Sponsored by Historical District Commission
-Establishes Single Historic District at 76 Main St.
-4th Oldest Structure in Hopkinton
-Developer of land wishes to tear down structure to construct a new building

Article 47: Historic Preservation Bylaw Amendment - Passes Clear Majority
-Sponsored by Historic District Commission
-Changes demolition delay from 6 months to 18 months
Amendment by Mark Hyman: Give the developer another right of Appeal - Passes Unanimously
Amendment Proposed to make demolition delay 12 months instead of 18 months - Fails 145 (for), 160 (against)

Article 48: Street Acceptances - Passes Unanimously
-Hunters Ridge Way from South Mill St. to South Mill St.
-Penny Meadow Lane from South Mill St. to Dead End.

Article 49: Fruit Street Lease - Passes Majority
-Lease on Fruit St. property for non-profit youth organization
-Extends lease period from 25 years to 99 years

Article 50: Chamberlain St. Curve - Passed Unanimously
-"Simple Land Swap"
-5.7 acres instead of 1,400 sq feet of land from the Conservation Restriction

Article 51: Municipal Parking - Items 1 & 2 Pass, 3 Fails
-Requires Ballot Vote

1) -Acquire by gift, purchase, lease, eminent domain or otherwise, a parcel of land at 6 Walcott Street ($520,000)
-Owner of land supports sale of 6 Walcott St. - Standing Vote: Passed 260 (for) 32 (against)

2) -Acquire by gift, purchase, lease, eminent domain or otherwise, a parcel of land at (25 Main St., 35 Main St.), 22,000 +/- Sq ft. ($540,000)
Chuck Joseph stated he is donating the land between 25 and 35 Main St. - Standing Vote: Passed 197 (for) 19 (against)

3) -Acquire by gift, purchase, lease, eminent domain or otherwise, a parcel of land at (10 Walcott St, 14 Main St. and 0 Main St.) 34,518 +/- Sq ft.($1,560,000) - Standing Vote in progress: Failed 79 (for) 127 (against)

Motion to separate all 3 items by Chuck Joseph - Passes Unanimously
Item 1 passes by standing vote 260-32
Item 2 passes by standing vote 197-19
Item 3 Failed Standing vote 79-127

Article 52: Easements - Main St. Corridor Re-authorization - No Action Recommended by Selectmen - Discussion Underway - No Action Passes

Article 54: South Middlesex Regional Vocational School District - Passed Unanimously
-Amend agreement among the towns of Ashland, Holliston, Hopkinton, Natick and City of Framingham

Article 55: Trustees of the School Fund in Town of Hopkinton - Passed Unanimously
-Motion for Julia Franks, Carly Grant and Kim Niemi to become members of School Fund Committee

-That's a wrap for the 2019 Hopkinton Annual Town Meeting!