Video: Hopkinton Hangout Hour Episode #9 4-6-2020

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The 9th episode of HCAM's new series "Hopkinton Hangout Hour" took place at 2pm Monday, April 6th. In the first half hour, we discussed what people are cooking. In the 2nd half hour, we talked with Director of the Hopkinton Public Library, Heather Backman about available Library services. View the episode below!

Our next episode will take place Tuesday, April 7th at 2pm and we want to know what you are reading! In the 1st segment, we will be talking with Young Adult Librarian, Anne Thie about what people are reading. In our 2nd segment, we will discuss what people have been doing during this period of social isolation, we want your photos of something you have been doing to show off during our show! Let us know what you are reading plus what else you have been doing. Send us photos, comments or questions on our Facebook page , in the comments section our YouTube live stream of the program or by emailing [email protected]!

Tune in every weekday on HCAM TV (Comcast: Channel 8, Verizon Channel 30) or at our YouTube page page at 2pm!

While we are practice social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can watch us live on HCAM TV as well as our YouTube page with "Hopkinton Hangout" every weekday from 2 until 3pm.

This show has been created to connect our community during this difficult time, so come share your interests or tune in for some fun conversation!