The View from the Other Side of the Wood Street Intersection

By Michelle Murdock, Freelance Writer

Cori and Will Jacomme live at 2 West Main Street at the intersection of Wood Street and Route 135. They moved to Hopkinton from Natick six years ago and are happily settled in their home. They have twin daughters who will enter kindergarten in the fall of 2013.

According to Cori, they moved to Hopkinton for its sense of community and the reputation of its schools. And the part of the community where they live is now the subject of controversy as a result of proposed changes to the Wood Street intersection. But rather than focusing on their needs, Jacomme says they are willing to let the town make the decisions.

“We are in it for the town,” said Jacomme in a phone interview with the Independent. “We don’t firmly fall on either side; we’ll leave it up to the town.”

Up until recently, the Jacommes have not had much to say about the proposed changes to the Wood Street intersection which could result in the loss of their home. Cori says they have been listening and feel that the Downtown Initiative Steering Committee (DISC) has been upfront and the number of public forums held recently show they are trying to be open-minded.

From her perspective, it’s still a conceptual plan and she is open to discussing alternatives with the town.

“We’ll feel loss either way, but we’re realistic and realize that increased traffic and change are coming,” said Jacomme. “We live on a main road in the town and a lot of people are affected by traffic on that road.”

When asked about reactions from others in the neighborhood, Jacomme said it’s been a little tough, but understands they are doing what they need to do to protect themselves.

“We’re handling it the way we know how,” said Jacomme. “We have great neighbors. Hopefully this doesn’t change that.”

When asked if she had been approached by the town about buying or relocating her home as a part of the intersection improvements, Jacomme said nothing had been proposed or agreed upon and that to date they had only been asked if there were amenable to discuss the situation. She says it is her understanding that nothing will appear on the warrant for Town Meeting unless it is first approved by the Board of Selectmen.

Jacomme says they are amenable to discussions with the town, but whatever is decided, they want a long-term solution.

“We don’t want to go through this again,” said Jacomme.

For now, Jacomme says she is helping to quietly spread the word about the project, and hopes that as more people become aware, a more balanced view will prevail.