Wake Up and Smell the Poetry at HCAM Saturday Dec 15th 10am

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All our welcome at "Wake Up and Smell the Poetry". The next event will take place at the HCAM studios (Lower Level, 77 Main st.) at 10am on Saturday December 15th.

"On December 15th guest features include poet Denise Moyo and singer-songwriter Chris Lee.

In her delivery of poetry, Denise Moyo combines stories of coping with trauma with insights on healing and transformation based on her background in social work and spirituality. Her poems and voice are both haunting and electric. Chris Lee has been drawn to music since a child living in Washington D.C. Singing, writing songs and performing music on guitar have been intuitive practices that Lee acknowledges seem to generally flow through him as he humbly steps aside in performance. The songs he performs might be wild and woolly of humor or address matters of life, death and love while being witness to the quizzical, yet amazing resilient human beings that we are. This program offers the audience members a half hour intimate performance combined with some anecdotes and insights about their art and the creative process. An open mic for poetry, story (literary readings and spoken word) and song will follow.

This event is hosted by Cheryl Perreault at HCAM TV Studios located at 77 Main St, Hopkinton, MA.
The public is welcome to join as community and gather with an exciting mix including enthusiasts of the arts, poets, authors, artists, songwriters and musicians.
Doors open at 10:00 a.m. and the program begins at 10:30."

Your host, Cheryl Perreault
host of Wake up and Smell the Poetry

View more about Wake Up and Smell the Poetry: http://www.hcam.tv/wakeup