Watch Now: Bobbi Gibb Statue Unveiled

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The 26.2 foundation along with the Hopkinton Center for the Arts, Startline Brewery and Marty's Fine Wine's hosted a ceremony to recognize the accomplishments of Bobbi Gibb and unveiled a statue that will be on display during the Boston Marathon route.

"Bobbi Gibb, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, is sharing her lifetime wish – to sculpt a life-sized statue of a female runner and have it placed on the Boston Marathon course.

“My hope when I began working on the sculpture was to create something that captures the power of the human spirit as well as providing inspiration for all who look to take on the challenge of running 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston,” said Gibb.

“We believe it is long past time to recognize the Boston Marathon’s great women runners,” said 26.2 Foundation President Tim Kilduff. “The fact that Boston’s first woman runner is also an artist makes this unveiling absolutely unique and appropriate.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet Bobbi Gibb in person and Boston Marathon champions Bill Rodgers, Sara Mae Berman, Amby Burfoot and Jack Fultz."

View highlights of the program below!