Women's Art Forum - 8th Season Begins Tomorrow Night

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The Women's Art Forum will kick off its 8th season tomorrow night, 7:00-8:30 pm at the 2nd floor Zen Bungalow.

The Forum is simply an opportunity to gather, meet one another, share our stories and our interest in the arts ....whether it is new or evolving or just curious to hear or whether we are a veteran/professional of our art.

This Forum is open to all women ...no expectations...no regular attendance. Come when you can. Some gatherings might be crowded, others more intimate. It doesn't matter ...something wonderful has always resulted from every single gathering due to what each attending woman has to share.

At this first gathering of season, we will have an informal conversation about what women are doing in the arts...the joys of it, the challenges of it, the dreams. Come and contribute if you like or simply come to listen. If you are a songwriter, bring one of your songs to share, a poet, bring a poem, artist, bring a painting, sketch, collage etc, a writer, bring a sample to share.

We will go round robin-style in a circle, share some stories of challenge and inspiration, share some tea, fruit and cookies, share some laughter
and discuss future plans on making time and giving recognition to women's lives and their art.

This will take place at the 2nd floor Zen Bungalow located on 15 Main Street in Hopkinton. There is parking on the main street and streets nearby.
Please use the back stairway entrance as the front is for the Zios restaurant. Admission is always free and our speakers have always volunteered their time in giving presentations on the idea of a contributing coop of sharing our arts. We will have a donation basket for those able to contribute a few dollars toward using the lovely zen space.

Questions: Send reply to cheryl perreault at [email protected] or 435-8638.

We are looking forward to tomorrow evening and hope to see you there!

Cheryl Perreault, Geri Holland and Kate Heyd