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Hopkinton Public Library Foundation Chosen by Staples Associate to Receive $1,000 Grant

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Hopkinton Public Library Foundation (HPLF) has been awarded $1,000 by Staples Foundation, the private charitable arm of Staples, Inc., under a program that lets Staples associates direct donations.

Hopkinton resident and Staples associate, Dianne Keohane, nominated HPLF for the grant.
“My family is contributing to the library expansion and renovation through 1000 Homes for Hopkinton Library. I am thankful that Staples is also contributing through 2 Million & Change to a cause that is such an integral part of our community,” she said.

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Video: Hillers Sports Update: Jan 26th - Feb 2nd 2016

Check out the latest Hillers Sports highlights below!
Hillers Boys Hockey (12 Wins, 2 Losses)
12/12/2015: Hillers defeat Ashland 7-0
12/16/2015: Hillers defeat Dover-Sherborn 5-2
12/19/2015 Medfield defeats Hillers 8-0
12/23/2015: Hillers defeat Norton 6-0
12/28/2015: Hillers defeat Lunenburg 3-1
12/29/2015: Hillers defeat Fitchburg 4-1
1/02/2016: Hillers defeat Holliston 5-1
1/06/2016: Hillers defeat Bellingham 6-3
1/13/2016: Medway defeats Hillers 3-1
1/20/2016: Hillers defeat Ashland 5-0
1/23/2016: Hillers defeat Dover-Sherborn 3-1
1/27/2016: Hillers defeat Assabet 6-0
1/30/2016: Hillers defeat Norton 6-2

Hopkinton Hillers Boys Basketball (6 Wins, 9 Losses)
12/15/2015: Dover-Sherborn defeats Hillers 48-32
12/18/2015: Hillers defeat Millis 64-52
12/21/2015: Hillers defeat Medway 65-55 (Nic Canal - 29 Points)
12/23/2015: South High Community defeats Hillers 46-35
12/27/2015: St Peters Marian defeats Hillers 71-70
1/05/2016 Holliston defeats Hillers 58-48
1/08/2016: Medfield defeats Hillers 77-67
1/11/2016: Hillers defeat Bellingham 58-54
1/15/2016: Ashland defeats Hillers 44-37
1/19/2016: Hillers defeat Norton 53-45
1/22/2016: Dover-Sherborn defeats Hillers 42-39
1/25/2016: Hillers defeat Millis 57-52
1/27/2016: Medway defeats Hillers 59-36
1/29/2016: Hillers defeat Holliston 59-45
2/02/2016: Medfield defeats Hillers 57-38

Hopkinton Hillers Girls Basketball (10 Wins, 4 Losses)
12/11/2015: Hillers defeat Norton 54-34
12/15/2015: Hillers defeat Dover-Sherborn 39-32
12/18/2015: Hillers defeat Millis 58-42
12/21/2015: Medway defeats Hillers 60-53
1/05/2016: Hillers defeat Holliston 43-23
1/08/2016: Medfield defeats Hillers 54-38
1/11/2016: Hillers defeat Bellingham 61-31
1/15/2016: Hillers defeat Ashland 52-48
1/20/2016: Hillers defeat Norton 43-39
1/22/2016: Hillers defeat Dover-Sherborn 61-47
1/25/2016: Hillers defeat Millis 48-45
1/27/2016: Medway defeats Hillers 73-54
1/30/2016: Hillers defeat Holliston 55-39
2/02/2016: Medfield defeats Hillers 62-51

Boys Winter Indoor Track (7 Wins, 1 Loss)
12/12/2015: Hillers defeat Bellingham 52-33
12/12/2015: Norton defeats Hillers 53-33
12/16/2015: Hillers defeat Westwood 57-29
12/22/2015: Hillers defeat Medfield 59-26
1/08/2016: Hillers defeat Ashland 66-20
1/13/2016: Hillers defeat Holliston 60.5-25.5
1/20/2016: Hillers defeat Medway 56-26
TVL Championships - 2/6/16

Girls Winter Indoor Track (8 Wins, 0 Losses)
12/12/2015: Hillers defeat Bellingham 77-9
12/12/2015: Hillers defeat Norton 49-37
12/16/2015: Hillers defeat Westwood 61-16
12/22/2015: Hillers defeat Medfield 65-21
1/08/2016: Hillers defeat Ashland 67-14
1/13/2016: Hillers defeat Holliston 54-32
1/20/2016: Hillers defeat Medway 63-23
TVL Championships - 2/6/16

Boys Winter Swimming (6 Wins, 3 Losses)

Girls Winter Swimming: (7 Wins, 1 Loss)

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Video: HCAM News 1-29-2016

On this edition of HCAM News, we have more from the Hopkinton Youth Commission Martin Luther King activities, HCAM news went over to crossfit resilience to check out the lose it for the library program, we will get you up to date with Hillers sports and we have part 2 of our interview with Town Manager Norman Khumalo but first Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito was in town as Hopkinton became the 115th community to join the Community Compact Agreement.

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Video: Hopkinton High School Video Club Produces First Newscast

A TV club was started at Hopkinton High School this year. The club is ran by HCAM Station Manager Jim Cozzens. One of the projects the TV club is taking part in, is a 5 minute high school news broadcast that will be shown on Thursdays every other week. The students get the opportunity to anchor, run teleprompter as well as cameras and lighting.

Students; Matt Bird, Will Pawela, Declan Curry and Chris Pomeroy helped produce the first newscast. Check out highlights and interviews in the video below.

HHS TV will soon have a website available you can find all their videos on through HCAM.

Joanne Duffy, 85

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Joanne Duffy, 85, of Hopkinton, passed away Monday, February 1, 2016. Born in Braintree, she was the daughter of the late Anne (Belmore) and George MacDonald. She was the wife of the late John Joseph Duffy.

Joanne enjoyed gardening and spending time with her grandchildren.

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Video: Governor Charlie Baker endorses Ed McGrath and Janet Leombruno for Republican State Committee

Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker was recently in Hopkinton to endorse Republican State Committee Candidates Ed McGrath and Janet Leombruno for reelection. McGrath and Leombruno represent the 2nd Middlesex and Norfolk district which includes Framingham, Ashland, Natick, Hopkinton, Holliston, Medway & Franklin. McGrath and Leombruno will be on the Republic presidential party ballot March 1st. The event was hosted at the residence of Hopkinton Selectmen, Brian Herr and was packed with residents of Hopkinton and surrounding towns.

"Ed McGrath serves as Chair of the Framingham Republican Town Committee and has worked to build the grassroots of the Republican Party. He has recruited and helped numerous Republican candidates, including Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito. During the most recent election, he was responsible for managing the Republican Field Office in Framingham, where he supported the efforts of several Republican candidates running for office in MetroWest. He also served the members of the Massachusetts Republican Party as the Party’s pro bono General Counsel."

"Janet Leombruno serves as the Vice-chair of its Republican Town Committee. An elected member of Framingham Town Meeting she is involved in numerous activities to get more people involved in government. Leombruno serves as Vice-Chair of Framingham First. She has been involved in countless political campaigns both locally and statewide. For example, she was a member of the Baker/Polito team acting as Special Assistant to Lt. Governor candidate Karyn Polito in 2014 and in 2010 for Mary Z. Connaughton for State Auditor."

Check out an interview with the Republican State Committee Candidates below.

You can see pictures from the event here. Update

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A big warm up is on the way in stark contrast to last year when we never made it to 40 in February. We could break the record on Wednesday as temps approach the 60 mark!

All Invited to St. Paul’s Ash Wednesday Service February 10

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St. Paul’s Episcopal Church will mark the beginning of the Lenten Season with a special Ash Wednesday service. On February 10 at 7:00 p.m. there will be the Imposition of Ashes (a sign of our mortality) and Holy Eucharist (a sign of Christ’s presence). All are welcome. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is located at 61 Wood Street (Rte. 135) in Hopkinton. The mission of the church is to minister unconditionally to all in the name of Christ through shared worship, teaching, healing, and service.

Editorial: Supporting Marty Lamb for Republican State Committee

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Dear Editor,

We are writing in support of Marty Lamb for Republican State Committee. Marty is a true leader with pure motives.

As one of the chairmen of the successful effort to repeal automatic gas tax hikes, Marty built a grassroots team of over 1000 volunteers. The effort to stop the worst tax increase in history of our state helped GOP candidates and helped carry Charlie Baker into office!

Moreover, Marty Lamb saved us all money at the pump.

Coordinated Program Review March 14-18th

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Dr. Cathy MacLeod, Superintendent of the Hopkinton Public Schools was informed by the Department of
Elementary and Secondary Education of an upcoming Coordinated Program Review that will be taking
place this school year. As part of this Coordinated Program Review, Department staff will visit the district
during the week of March 14, 2016 – March 18, 2016. Such visits are routinely conducted by the
Department to satisfy federal and state requirements for the periodic review of specific education


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