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Editorial: Hopkinton Republican Town Committee Endorses Candidates

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In Hopkinton, we are one of the few towns that have partisan town elections. That means that on the ballot you will see the name of the party that a candidate belongs to and whether that candidate was nominated by their party’s caucus. Having partisan elections usually means that we have more contested races than surrounding towns with non-partisan elections. The two parties work to recruit and elect candidates for local offices. Historically Hopkinton has a larger turn out for local elections than surrounding towns.

Raiders Loved Hillers In Second Meeting

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The Wellesley Raiders took 5 straight against Hopkinton yesterday at home. "Very strong team we managed to beat in April but today they played tougher to get the rematch" said Coach Nancy Clark. The Lady Hillers record stands 14-2 overall, 12-1 in TVL. Non League action continues today when The Lady Hillers host Cohasset at 4pm.

Editorial: Supporting Frank Sivo

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Letter to the Voters of Hopkinton:

The School Committee is one of the most important committees in town government. They spend the largest portion of our budget and the set policy for the education for our precious children. The performance of our school system greatly influences our property values. It is critical that we pick experienced and knowledgeable persons to set priorities and policy for our schools.

Editorial: Supporting Kelly Knight

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As a resident of Hopkinton for over 19 years, with 4 children, I have witnessed tremendous change and growth to the Hopkinton School System. During my families' tenure here we experienced the growth of Hopkinton from a small, sleepy little rural community, to a bustling suburban town. My children have benefited tremendously; the addition of Hopkins school, the New High School, and the expansion of new programs and classes have helped insure that our children's future and education ,literally " all starts here!".

Frank Sivo: Final Candidate Statement

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Great Schools ─ Managed Well. That is my mantra. As a new member of the School Committee, I will advocate for continuous performance improvement of our school system in a fiscally responsible way.

My core objectives are:

Lori Nickerson: Final Candidate Statement

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VALUE – This word best describes my candidacy and how I view the role of a School Committee member.

All of my life experiences have shaped me to be a VALUE-driven individual who volunteers her time and expertise to help others.

I VALUE all of the successes my education provided me and I will ensure that strategic educational opportunities are accessible to all Hopkinton students.

Editorial: Supporting Lori Nickerson

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It is with the utmost confidence that we recommend Lori Nickerson for the position of School Committee member. Having known Lori for over 15 years, we believe that she possesses the traits and skills needed to serve our community well in this capacity. Lori is intelligent, straight-forward, and dedicated to making well-informed, thoughtful decisions that will have a positive impact on our school system--all while remaining fiscally responsible.

Panthers No Match For Hillers

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Despite #2 Starter Vanessa Prathab being out with an injury, the Lady Hillers swept Holliston at Home on Wednesday 5-0. Doubles player Ameera Hammouda moved into singles and reserve player Emily Lewkowicz rounded out the doubles.

Editorial: Supporting Lori Nickerson

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A vote for Lori Nickerson for Hopkinton School Committee is a vote for excellence.

Before I decide to support a candidate for local office, I do my homework. In this case, I watched Candidate’s Night, visited Lori’s website, read her campaign materials and arranged to speak directly with Lori on several occasions. These encounters have convinced me to vote for Lori for Hopkinton School Committee on Monday, May 19.

Say 'Thanks' to Your Child's Teacher

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Show your appreciation through the Thank-A-Teacher Appeal

Please take the opportunity to recognize your child's teacher in a special way, by making a donation to the Hopkinton Education Foundation.

Each educator honored by a donation through Thank-A-Teacher receives a personalized letter from the Education Foundation thanking them for their work, and includes the name of the child. Last June the appeal recognized more than 150 teachers for their outstanding contributions.


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