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Board of Appeals Hears Peppercorn Village, Briarcliff Drive

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On Wednesday, January 14th, the Board of Appeals met to discuss Peppercorn Village, 5 Briarcliff Road, and Hopkinton Mews.

Local Youth Take the Stage to Present Shrek the Musical Jr.

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Enter Stage Left Theater presents Shrek the Musical Jr. featuring a cast comprised of its youth company members. The production runs January 23-25, 2015 at the Hopkinton Middle School Auditorium (88 Hayden Rowe St., Hopkinton). Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students and seniors and may be purchased online at or at the door.

Pasta Dinner Fundraiser Jan. 15th

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The Friends of Hiller Cheer are hosting an All You Can Eat Pasta Dinner Fundraiser on January 15, 2015 at the Woodville Rod and Gun Club, 252 Wood Street, Hopkinton from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

The Cheerleaders will be serving up Pasta, Meatballs, Garlic Bread and Salad.

The cost is $10.00 per person, $5.00 for Seniors (65 years and older) and Children under 12 years. ($35.00 maximum per family)

Discover a Common Interest With Your Teen

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It's easy to find things to do with younger children. Toddlers and preschoolers simply enjoy being with Mom or Dad . . . doing what they're doing.
But as children grow, their interests change. So must our time with them. Parents of teens need to find new ways to talk, listen and just be together with their children.

To continue to build your connection to your teen, find something you both share an interest in. Maybe it's playing a game or collecting something. Perhaps you can take a course or pursue a new hobby together and both learn a new skill.

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Video Segment: Ribbon Cut to Open Public Ice Rink

The Hopkinton Public Ice Rink was officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony. In attendance from the Parks and Recreation Commission; Colleen Allen, Kevin Nathan and Robert Dobinski, Panning Board Member Claire Wright, Hopkinton Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Cathy MacLeod and Selectman Todd Cestari. Parks and Recreation Chair Bob Dobinski talked about where the idea for the rink came from: "The entire idea came about from a conversation I had with Claire Wright." Bob mentioned the original idea was to have the rink on the town common but the terrain would not allow it, but that it's in the perfect spot since it can light up till 10pm.

Superintendent Dr. Cathy MacLeod was excited about the availability of a public winter activity on the school ground; "It's a wonderful opportunity for everybody, it's great to have the school buildings and school grounds being used by the community." "I like the idea of being active in the winter, that's what I grew up with and I think it's just wonderful to have these opportunities with the Parks and Recreation."

The rink started being built after the leaves stopped falling and was filled recently during a 4 or 5 day span that was cold enough to create the ice. The Fire Department, DPW and Water Department all assisted with the rink.

Longtime Ice Skater and Planning Board member Claire Wright was excited about the rink "Skating is the most wonderful outdoor sport for adults and kids, in-fact in U.S. figure skating, the adult skating community is the fastest growing group of skaters in the country, so I'm looking forward to sharing this with other people and having people get bit by the skating bug." Claire has competed with her husband in many skating competitions.

You can see more photos of the ribbon cutting ceremony at

Hopkinton Garden Club Speaker Series: “Spring Ephemerals and Other Delights” on Tuesday, Jan 20th

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Spring can begin early in your garden with the inclusion of early bulbs and native woodland wildflowers called spring ephemerals. On Tuesday, January 20th, Joan Butler and Jana Milbocker will join us to present “Spring Ephemerals and Other Delights”. This lecture illustrates the delicate and often fleeting beauty of these spring blooming perennials such as Bloodroot, Jeffersonia, Hepatica and Epimedium. You’ll learn about their habitats, ideal growing conditions and unique adaptation, and see how they can be the stars of your early spring garden.

ESBC Talks About 11 Proposed Sites for New School in Public Presentation

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The Elementary School Building Committee held their first of two public info sessions in January, Wednesday January 14th to talk about the 11 proposed site alternatives for Center School. The ESBC will hold a public forum Saturday January 24th 9:00am at the Middle School Library to compare the different site options. Public Participation is encouraged!

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Video Segment: Selectmen hold Public Hearing for Land at 203 Pond Street

A public hearing was held at the Board of Selectmen meeting for a parcel of land about 43 acres located at 203 Pond Street or as some refer to as the Coolidge property. For months debate has existed weather the town should purchase the land and preserve the parcel as open space. A number of groups were represented at the selectmen meeting to express their feelings in preserving the land including the Sudbury Valley Trustees, Hopkinton Area Land Trust, Friends of Whitehall, Friends of Upton State Forest, Baystate Trail Riders and the New England Mountain Bike Association. Much of the argument to preserve the land was centered around the link between Whitehall State Park and Upton State Forest and the fact that their is alot of wildlife living on the land.

Mary McManus of the "Baystate Trail Riders" pleaded her case to the Selectmen on why the town should preserve the land. "We have to save the open space we have left because it's decreasing quickly, it's our civic duty." "Any development of this parcel would fragment a very sensitive habitat corridor for wildlife, it's a natural conduit between the 2 beautiful state parks, Upton and Whitehall, it presents a continuity of natural landscape unprecedented in the state."

Ken Weismantel of the Planning Board did not agree with the plan for the town to buy all the land but had an alternative idea that he felt would be a better value for the town. "If the town is interested then the CPC should consider purchasing either lot 1 or lot 1 and 2, those are the 2 southern ones on Pond Street." "if you purchase lot 1 you affectively add to the corridor." "Lot 2 also preserves the street scape and adds to the corridor."

After the public hearing, the Selectmen gave their opinions, Selectmen John Mosher stated that the land is worth preserving, Michelle Gates supported allowing the proposal to have a vote at Town Meeting, John Coutinho supported the vote going to town meeting but questioned weather the town had enough money to preserve the land and if their was something better that money should be spent on. Ben Palleiko supported purchasing the land if the house came down and it was purely open space.

In the end the Board autorized the Town Manager and Town Counsel to begin negotiations over 203 Pond Street with the landowner, exploring the towns options for excercising it's right of first refusal on the notice of intent to sell and town meeting consideration.

Brush Burning Begins Jan. 15

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Massachusetts allows residents to burn brush between January 15 and May 1, depending on weather conditions and air quality. You must obtain permission from the Hopkinton Fire Department if you plan to burn brush.

The permits are free of charge, but availability depends on information received from DEP and DCR each morning. We have created an online burning system that allows for monitoring of the availability and location of our daily permits.

Get a Permit..

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Cyndy Shea of Curves Speaks on Latest Business Matters

In the latest episode of Business Matters, Curves owner Cyndy Shea talks to Tim Kilduff about owning her own business, personal training, and staying competitive in the fitness industry.
The full episode is available to view both online and on HCAM-TV; check HCAM-TV's schedule for dates and times.


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