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Planning Board Public Hearing - Hunter's Ridge

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The Planning Board met on Monday, January 28 to discuss a proposed 19 lot subdivision off of South Mill Street. The plan for Hunter’s Ridge, presented by Ron Nation, Peter Lavoie, and Larry Greene includes donating land to Open Space and requires a special permit.

Boys and Girls Track Goes to 8-0 against Millis

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Another win for the Boys and Girls Track teams today at the Athletic Center --

Boys: Hopkinton 64 1/2, Millis 21 1/2
Girls: Hopkinton 69, Millis 17

Some first place finishes include Shaun Palmer in the hurdles (6.6), Kyle Gilbreath in the dash (5.4), Shaun Palmer, James LeSuer in the 600 M (1:35.5) and Shane Copley in the 2 Mile (12:00.2)

For the girls, Evelyn Monks in the hurdles (7.6), Jess Scott in the dash (5.9), Madison Calkins in the 1 Mile (5:55.6) and Emily Katz in the 1000 M (3:26.1)

Complete scores for both boys and girls are attached.

Storm Forecast for Wednesday Night with Potentially Damaging Winds

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The National Weather Service in Taunton has provided the following forecast information about a cold front that will pass through the area on Wednesday afternoon into Thursday morning. The storm may cause strong damaging winds, locally heavy rainfall, dense fog and high seas.

This information is being provided for informational purposes. MEMA will continue to monitor and expects to remain at Level IV (Steady-State).

From the National Weather Service in Taunton:

Dykema Responds to Questions About Recent Vote

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Last Thursday, the state Republican Party publicly questioned a vote I cast last week against an amendment to post legislative committee votes online, a concept that I had supported during a pre-election debate.

As your legislator, it is my responsibility to explain any vote I cast on your behalf and I appreciate this opportunity to respond.

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Residents Meet Team Hoyt at Book Signing

Adults, children, runners and non-runners lined up to meet Dick and Rick Hoyt, the inspiring father and son team know as Team Hoyt, at their book signing event on Saturday January 26.

The Hoyts were in Hopkinton at the Red Barn Café at Colella’s Supermarket to promote three books that tell their story, the most recent one called One Letter at Time written by Rick Hoyt. Dick Hoyt spent the morning talking to fans and signing books and posing for photos with his son Rick.

Erica Brown, a reporter for the Hopkinton Independent made a special trip to meet the Hoyts after having interviewed Dick for a story about the bronze statue of Team Hoyt that that will be placed on the Center School lawn.

26.2 Foundation President Michael Neece presented the Hoyts with a copy of a painting by his son Dustin, who painted the Hoyts to commemorate the running of their 30th Boston Marathon. And Susan Marshall of the Hopkinton Public Library obtained signatures for a book spine that will be incorporated into the heritage quilt to help support the library expansion.

“We are so excited because today we actually got the signatures of Rick and Dick Hoyt to put on a spine for the library Heritage Quilt, and the exciting part is they have written three books, we do this for authors, and what better authors can we have than Rick and Dick Hoyt and to have them right here in Hopkinton. We can’t wait to put it into the quilt itself", said Marshall.”

Dale Danahy and her daughter Kelly presented Rick Hoyt with a birthday cake which was shared with those attending the book signing and another small chocolate cake just for Rick who recently celebrated his 51st birthday.

All in all, it was a fun filled morning and a chance for residents to meet and support Dick and Rick Hoyt who said that it was great to be in Hopkinton.

“It’s really great to be in here in Hopkinton," said Dick Hoyt. "All the people here are so great to us. We look forward every year to coming down to Hopkinton and this coming April is going to be our 31st Boston Marathon and it's just going to be so great to see that statue out there. I'd just like to thank everoone from Hopkinton; they're really great people, and in fact, I think we think we should probably buy a house here.”

In addition to the Boston Marathon in April, the Hoyts will be back in Hopkinton on April 8th for the unveiling of the statue at Center School. They will also be visiting the Middle school on Friday, February 1st to speak at an assembly and they’ll be back again to speak on April 4th at an event sponsored by the HPTA.

Hopkinton Democratic Caucus

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Democrats in Hopkinton will hold a caucus on Wednesday, February 27 at 7pm at the Hopkinton Fire Station, 73 Main Street in Hopkinton. The purpose of the caucus is to elect delegates to the Massachusetts Democratic Party's 2013 Platform Convention. All registered Democrats in Hopkinton (as of 12/31/12 through 2/27/13) are eligible to participate and to be elected as delegates or alternates.

The caucus is open to the public and the press.

Holliston Voter Says Dykema's Third Term Off to Bad Start

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Dear Editor,

It seems that Rep. Dykema’s start of her third term is off to a very bad start. First, she takes an overseas junket and doesn’t state who paid for it. Hey, it was on water quality so it is ok. Has she not heard of skype?

Dykema files legislation to charge everyone for school transportation. She never looks for a savings, just more of our money.

Disappointed with Dykema

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Dear Editor,

I’m writing to express deep disappointment in Rep. Dykema. Last October Marty Lamb criticized Dykema for voting against putting committee votes online. Even the moderator challenged her about voting against this common sense transparency reform. At that point in the debate, she said she would now support putting these votes online. That promise was very short lived.

In the third vote to happen this year, she voted against it again. This is a prime example of a politician saying anything to get elected and then doing the opposite on Beacon Hill.

Looking for Vets Who Served on Okinawa

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HCAM News is involved with a project to document the activities of Hopkinton residents who participated in The Battle of Okinawa during April, May, and June 1945. It was the last big battle of WW II, and a pivotal event in the history of our nation.

You, the readers and viewers of HCAM-TV, can be helpful. Please provide information, whether it is "hard facts" or family lore which relates to specific individuals thought to be at The Battle of Okinawa. Tell us about:

Dykema Accused of Reversing Position

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Dear Editor,

Last fall during the Hopkinton debate for State Representative, Carolyn Dykema changed her position on putting committee votes online. Despite voting against it twice, she pledged moving forward that she would vote in favor of letting the public know about these votes by putting them online.

Unfortunately, she did not keep that commitment. Only 3 roll calls into the new session, she broke that promise! That’s right, the third vote of the year she went back on her word.


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