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Sky's the Limit Courtyard Brick Order DEADLINE: Friday, May 15th

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

The deadline to order an engraved brick to be placed in The Sky's the Limit Courtyard is Friday, May 15th! This is your chance to leave a lasting memory of your child's time at HMS or to honor a special teacher.

Work on the final phase of the Courtyard will begin in July for a Fall 2015 Grand Opening. In addition, Leadership Gifts of $1,000 and up will be recognized on a permanent plaque in the Courtyard.

Brick orders can be placed online or delivered to the HMS Main Office at 88 Hayden Rowe St., Hopkinton, MA 01748

Hopkinton Department of Public Works releases Roads to be worked on this Summer

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As we approach the start of our roadway resurfacing season I would like to thank the residents of Hopkinton for their continued support of our Pavement Management Program. We had a very successful 2014 season and hope to continue that in 2015 as funding allows. Each street that is on this year’s list has been inspected and evaluated to determine which treatment method is best based on its current condition. This will help ensure that we are maximizing the use of our Chapter 90 money in the most effective way.

Poetry Writing: All Levels Welcome!

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Our last poetry writing workshop was so much fun, we'll be offering two more! On Wednesday, May 27 and Wednesday, June 17 at 6:30 PM, local poet Polly Brown will lead workshops at the Hopkinton Public Library. The writing of poetry is both playful and serious: a way of using language to sneak up on what you know about the world and yourself in it - and then give that away, adding to what the world knows about itself. We'll try out some strategies for getting started, and some ways of getting and giving support. You'll walk away with rough drafts and new ideas.

History of the Village of Woodville and Lake Whitehall

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As part of Hopkinton's 300th Anniversary Celebration, a glimpse into the History of the Village of Woodville and Lake Whitehall will be presented by the Friends of Whitehall at the Hopkinton Historical Society on Sunday, May 17 at 2:00 PM.

Suspicious Incident Involving Child

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The Hopkinton Police Department is actively investigating a suspicious incident involving a child who was approached by an older man. The child was attending a soccer game at the Fruit Street field when she was approached by a man driving a darker grey vehicle, possibly a Honda Accord. The man asked if the girl knew where a local restaurant was. The girl immediately ran away and told a coach.

Lady Raquets Loved the Panthers.

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The Hopkinton High School Girls Varsity Tennis continue their winning streak, beating The Panthers at home 5-0.

Devon LaMachia and Olivia Centrella won their match at #2 Doubles 6-0, 3-6, 6-3 to secure the 5th point in the Lady Hillers 5-0 win over Holliston. Other winners were Olivia Anderson 6-0, 6-1; Zoe Komodromos 6-1, 6-1; Elisabeth Cooperman 6-0, 6-0; and the doubles duo of Sydney and Laney Emerson 6-3, 6-3.

The Hiller are 10-0, 8-0 in the TVL and will host Wellesley on Thursday at 3:30 pm.

Town Meeting Day 3 Updates

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View the Motions File by clicking the PDF above.
Article 29 - Community Preservation Recommendations - (Amended Divided into 2 motions) - Passed
(Motion 1: $123,268 for Open Space, $133,268 for community housing, $407,000 from community preservation fund) (Simple Majority Needed) - Passed(Motion 1: Part C Amended - Susan D. Gozzaldi changed to Degozzaldi, Open Space preservation commission changed to Hopkinton Area Land trust) - Passed
(Motion 1: Part D Amended - Open Space Preservation Commission changed to Hopkinton Area Land Trust) - Passed

Hopkinton Dems to Caucus May 21

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Hopkinton Democrats will caucus on 5/21 for the purpose of electing delegates to the 2015 Democratic State Convention.

This is an open meeting and all are invited. Anybody registered Democrat as of 1/31/15 is eligible to participate in the caucus, vote for potential delegates, and/or to run for and be selected as a delegate.

The caucus will be at 7pm at Town Hall in the basement meeting room. This room is handicapped accessible via the back door of Town Hall.

Hopkinton Autism & Special Needs Day Out, May 17

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The Hopkinton Police Department along with our new parent support group, Hopkinton Autism & Special Needs Parent Connection, will be hosting an Autism & Special Needs day out for Hopkinton Children/adults and their Parents or caregivers, Loved Ones, and Community Members touched by Autism or Special Needs.

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Video Segment: Fiscal 2016 Operating Budget Discussion Works through the Weeds

A big turnout was on hand Day 1 of the Annual Town Meeting to speak about how Weed control is handled on Lake Maspenock. $60,000 was part of Article 2: FY 2015 Supplemental Appropriations but motioned to be part of Article 8: Fiscal 2016 Operating Budget.

In the early goings of the operating budget discussion, former Selectmen Ron Clark questioned budget increases over the past 2 years; "the big budget buster is general government, up 43% in 2 fiscal years, if you sort of drill down into the background here, you have the town managers position going up by 28% over 2 years, finance-director, accountant up 18% over 2 years, treasure collector up 96% over 2 years, legal up 20%, human resources up 95%, information technology up 90%, including a 72% jump this year." Clark wanted the selectmen to answer why the big jump over the 2 years and the need for an assistant town manager. Clark later stated; "I would hope they come back next year at level funding..43% over 2 years compared to the general government going up 7% over 2 years, that's quite a big increase. I would hope next year that they come in at a level budget, same increase or less." Selectmen Todd Cestari stated that in situations such as the technology budget that funds from other areas were used; "due to numbers shifting from one bucket to another, it looks as though there's a greater increase but then there's a deduction from another bucket."

The discussion over how Lake Maspenock should be treated got underway shortly after and lasted over 2 hours. Throughout the 2 hours plus of discussion most were for the treatment of the lake without the herbicide Diquat. A few speakers stated that too many elements and nutrients were being added to the lake such as fertilizer from lawns, a Hopkinton student doing a research paper on Diquat said the herbicide has negative affects: "The herbicide in question has affects of cataracts in the eyes, has affects of liver and kidney disease and we're going to be sending our children for swimming lessons in the lake only 24 hours after the herbicides are put in the lake, I don't understand how this could be safe." One speaker who owns a veterinary hospital spoke of the affects herbicides could have on dogs; "46% of dogs are getting cancer...I never saw that 30 years ago."

A few were in favor of the use of herbicides to treat weeds on the lake, one lake resident with 2 children who after seeing the problem the weeds are causing joined a weed management committee. She was for the use of herbicides to treat the lake after seeing her 3 year old be entangled with weeds when trying to swim in the lake; "we did a lot of research and we went around too a lot of lake associations who have done this in the past... the herbicides we are using have been around for decades, we've done a lot of research on them..when people look at the side affects, you're looking at a label on the actual bottle.. I think it's time we use this to regain control of our lake." Representatives from the Lake Maspenock Preservation Committee also spoke support of using herbicides. They stated that much research was done on dozens of surrounding lakes and diquat has been used since the 1960's and proven safe by organizations including; United States Environmental Protection Agency and MassDEP.

In the end amendments giving the Board of selectmen control over weed treatment and $60,000 going towards lake treatment WITHOUT the use of pesticides won the majority. Treating the lake without pesticides won a standing vote 150-90.

The overall Article 8: Fiscal 2016 Operating Budget Discussion continued into a good portion of Town Meeting, Day 2 and passed after $60,000 towards an assistant town manager was cut out.

To see highlights of the discussion of Weed Treatment on Lake Maspenock, watch the video below.


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