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Frank Sivo for School Committee

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My wife Eve and I have lived in Hopkinton for 20 years. We have four children in the public school system. I have been active in our community as a Little League baseball coach, an advocate of special education students, and a member of the Appropriation Committee.

My education includes degrees in engineering as well as an MBA. Professionally, I lead strategic planning processes and the continuous improvement program for large life sciences company.

ICMC Executive Director Teaches the 'Right Way' for Young Children to Watch Screens

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Hopkinton, MA - Sunshine Preschool welcomes Nicole Dreiske, Executive Director of the International Children's Media Center for a parent/teacher workshop, My First Media- Practical Pedagogies for Using Screen Time to Improve Early Childhood Education, on Thursday, May 8, 6:30 pm at St. John's Church, 20 Church St., Hopkinton, MA.

Editorial: Storm-Drain Culvert

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On the afternoon of 3 April I took a walk along the portion of Whitehall State Park that parallels Spring Street. I was most pleasantly surprised to hear this harbinger of Spring in the small pond approximately opposite 42 Spring St. (ensure your computer's volume is turned up)

Editorial: Political endorsement letter

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With the multitude of problems and expenses facing both our schools and Hopkinton as a whole, we need, now more than ever, a disciplined, focused, pragmatic, logical, creative, organized, problem-solver on our School Committee. This unique combination of traits is most commonly found in those working in the engineering field.

Annual “Know Your Vote” Show on HCAM

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In preparation for Annual Town Meeting, Educate Hopkinton will be hosting a “Know Your Vote” Question and Answer Forum on Monday, April 28 at 7:00-8:00 pm at HCAM-TV Studios, 77 Main St (Lower Level), Hopkinton. Residents are invited to attend the forum in person or watch on TV (Verizon Channel 30, Comcast Channel 8, Streaming Live at

Annual State of the Town Forum

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What is the State of the Town? Come find out! The annual event will take place at Faith Community Church, 146 E. Main St. at 7:30 AM. Preview some of the key issues scheduled to be addressed during the Annual Town Meeting. RSVP here.

Class 2015 Post Prom Fundraiser Tonight at Panera Bread in Milford

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First day back to school after vacation..........Don't feel like cooking? Eat at Panera Bread in Milford on Monday, April 28 from 4-8pm. Panera will donate a % of sales to the HHS Post Prom Party based on the number of flyers they receive from patrons during this time frame. Don't forget to print the attached flyer which must be presented to Panera so we get the credit! Thank you! Get the Panera Flyer Here.

Lori Nickerson - School Committee Candidate Statement

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I believe the School Committee needs to improve its communication to the community and in order to do so, the process by which the exchange of information occurs must change. Communication is defined most simply as the exchange of information. The key components are exchange and information. You may have information, but you are not truly communicating unless there is a give and take.

Clean-Up Day Postponed until May 3rd

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Spring has arrived! Mother Nature has pulled back the blanket of snow and the Hawk’s Nest Community Garden is finally visible. With that said, winter has taken its toll on the Hawk’s Nest and it needs some attention! This spring, our goal is to implement phase two of the garden project, which includes installing rain barrels, composting bins, designing a garden sculpture, purchasing tools, and year two of planting: needless to say, there is a lot of work to accomplish!


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