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3rd Annual Drive-Thru Prayer April 27

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Woodville Baptist Church is holding its 3rd Annual Drive-Thru Prayer, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life/Hopkinton. Drive Thru Prayer will be held on Saturday, April 27, from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. right in the parking lot of the church at 249 Wood Street, Hopkinton.

Hopkinton Republicans to Caucus and Meet Friday April 12th

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The Hopkinton Republican Town Committee is seeking caucus candidates for the upcoming Town Elections. Hopkinton Republicans interested in serving as elected town officials can be placed on the May 20th ballot by running in our caucus. To be placed on the Republican caucus ballot, contact Ken Weismantel, Chairman by Thursday, April 11th. There are several open positions where candidates have not indicated their intentions to run by submitting nomination papers. We are actively recruiting candidates.

Hollliston Republican Town Committee to Hold Public Hearing on Proposed Tax Inreases

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Last week, without even a hearing, the Massachusetts House put on the calendar for debate tomorrow a bill that raises taxes by $500 million. It contains tax on utility bills, a $1 per pack hike in cigarette taxes, a gas tax indexed to inflation and a new service sales tax on computer design work.

Unfortunately, our State Representative Carolyn Dykema and fellow Democrats squashed all attempts to allow public hearings on these proposed tax increases. If that isn't bad enough, motions to allow more time for public feedback and amendments were voted down on straight party lines.

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Bronze Statue of Team Hoyt Installed at Center School - Official Unveiling on April 8

Father and son marathon team duo, Dick and Rick Hoyt, who have inspired people worldwide with their motto of “Yes You Can" will officially cement their place in Hopkinton history this April as the bronze statue in their honor at Center School is unveiled on April 8th.

In preparation for the unveiling, prep work at the site began in early March and the granite slab that serves as the base was installed on March 4th.

During January a scale model of the statue was on display in the library and finally on Tuesday, March 26th, the full size statue arrived from Texas and was installed at Center School.

It was a cold blustery day, complete with a short snow squall, but that didn't stop the installation. Once the fencing around the site was removed, the wooden crate protecting the statue was carefully removed as artist Mike Tabor supervised and directed the careful unpacking of the statue.

Once unpacked, the statue was wrapped in protective blankets, lifted up and lowered onto the granite base. The entire process lasted just over an hou and served as an exciting distraction for students at Center School who spent most of that time watching through their classroom windows.

To complete the installation, a plaque with Team Hoyt’s motto of "Yes You Can" was placed on the base. Tabor posed with the statue for the crowd, but the statue in its entirety will not be visible until its official unveiling.

The statue was commissioned by John Hancock and will be donated to the town of Hopkinton.

Elected officials including Congressman Joe Kennedy, along with local officials and approximately 400 students from Center School are expected to join Rick and Dick Hoyt and sculptor Mike Tabor on the Center School lawn on Monday, April 8th for the official unveiling

The B.A.A. at 125 – History and Legends Coming to Hopkinton on April 10

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Did you know that the Boston Athletic Association has a history that goes way beyond the Boston Marathon? That history has now been captured in a special commemorative book by long-time writer John Hanc that celebrates the 125th anniversary of the B.A.A. Come and join Hanc who will be in Hopkinton on Wednesday, April 10th for a panel discussion and book signing of his book The B.A.A at 125: The Official History of the Boston Athletic Association, 1887-2012.

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Jump Rope Demo at Elmwood School

They do pushups, jump on pogo sticks, and shoot hoops...all while jumping rope. The Miscoe Hill Skippers, a middle school jump rope team from Upton, get a chance to show off their impressive skills at a select number of schools each year. And on March 28th, Elmwood students were treated to the Skippers' blend of grace and athleticism.

The performance was a reward for Elmwood's continuous support of the American Heart Association. For the past nineteen years, the school has raised over $180,000 as part of the AHA's Jump Rope for Heart program, in which students raise money by jumping rope for a certain period of time. The Skippers' are a demo team for the AHA, meaning that they perform at schools across the state to raise awareness not only about the organization, but about how jump roping is a fun way to stay heart healthy. The goal of their performances is not only to inspire, but to illustrate important life lessons such as teamwork and perseverance.

The Skippers' performance, as well as the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser, coincide with Elmwood's wellness unit on jump rope. And the students were certainly inspired to jump, as the Skippers stayed several hours afterward for both gym and recess to work with many of them on improving their skills.

More Sobriety Checkpoints This Weekend

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The Massachusetts State Police are preparing to conduct sobriety checkpoints on public roadways in Middlesex County this weekend.

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Elmwood Students to Perform at Dinner With Champions Event in Boston

For over 20 years, as part of John Hancock's Adopt-a-Marathoner Program, the students at Hopkinton's Elmwood Elementary School enjoy a special visit from the elite Kenyan runners during the week leading up to the Boston Marathon.

But this year, students in Mr. Keane's third grade class will have another opportunity to meet the elite runners as guests and performers at the Dinner With Champions sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya and Run With Kenyans, an organization that promotes Kenya's running culture.

Run With Kenyans Founder and CEO Wilson Kiriungi first experienced the Kenyans runners visit to Elmwood School last year and described his experience as magical. He was especially moved by listening to the students sing the Kenyan national anthem.

The Elmwood students will be performing at the dinner and 3rd grade teacher Tom Keane will speak about the 21-year connection between Elmwood School and the Kenyan runners.

Watch the HCAM News interview with Kiriungi as he invites the residents of Hopkinton to join him, the Kenyan runners and the students of Elmwood at the Dinner With Champions which takes place on Saturday, April 13th from 5PM to 8:30PM at the Back Bay Events Center located at 180 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA.

Tickets are $35 per person and can be purchased online at Eventbrite.

For more information or questions, email or call (347) 201-2042.

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Help Support Hopkins Community Garden

Although just a patch of grass right now, the area in front of Hopkins School will soon become a vibrant, hands-on educational tool at Hopkins School. On April 12th, volunteers will officially break ground outside the school in order to begin building a community garden.

With the idea in place, parent volunteer and landscape architect Laura Harrigan came up with the design. The school then recruited about two dozen parent volunteers to help facilitate the plan. The goal of the project is to create an interactive learning environment for students that connects to the curriculum on multiple levels.

Watch the HCAM News video as Principal Greg Martineau talks about his plans for the Hopkins Community Garden.

Some of the money to fund this project was raised by students at the Hopkins School Talent Show in March, but donations are still being accepted. If you would like to donate to the Hopkins Community Garden, send a check in any amount payable to Hopkinton Public Schools with HCG in the memo to Hopkins School Office, 104 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748.

To see a PDF file of the Community Garden Proposal, Click Here. To see the proposed Garden Plan Click Here.

For any questions, please contact Cindy Bernardo at

State of the Schools LIVE on April 9

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Acting superintendent, Dr. Steven Hiersche and School Committee Chairperson, Nancy Burdick will be giving an update on the “state of the schools” LIVE in the HCAM Studio on Tuesday, April 9 at 7PM. The presentation is hosted by the HPTA and will be moderated by HPTA president, Beth D’Alleva.

Following the presentation there will be an opportunity for attendees and viewers to ask questions.

Questions in advance of the meeting are welcome and can be emailed to


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